Quaas Creek Watershed Protection Plan

The goal of the Quaas Creek Watershed Protection Plan is the preservation and enhancement of the quality and function of the natural resources of the Quaas Creek watershed.

Quaas Creek and its major tributaries are a unique water resource located in the heart of Washington County and lies within the Townships of Polk, Trenton, Jackson, and West Bend and the City of West Bend. The creek is a high quality warm water stream, sustained by groundwater recharge, seepage from wetlands and moraines, and runoff from an 8.3 square mile watershed. Quaas Creek discharges into the Milwaukee River at the eastern edge of the City of West Bend.

Quaas CreekQuaas Creek has unique aesthetic value: The majority of the stream and adjacent riparian corridors exhibit a rural character among changing land uses in a rapidly urbanizing watershed. Recreational opportunities are also present within Quaas Creek. Utilized for fishing, wading, and wildlife watching, it provides ecological and recreational benefits for adjacent landowners and other users. The potential to support a warm water sport fishery is present throughout the watershed. A small portion of the watershed is capable of supporting a Class II trout fishery and most of the remaining watershed is capable of supporting a high quality warm water fishery.

In recent years, projected developmental pressure within the watershed has raised concern over the short and long term viability of this resource.

The Quaas Creek Watershed Protection Plan (adopted 2/10/04) is designed to assist municipalities in developing strategies that will benefit Quaas Creek’s natural assets and protect sensitive habitats within the watershed. By using the planning strategies outlined in this plan, results will be achieved that enrich and preserve the natural environment. In addition, carefully planned urban development can create and maintain open space, groundwater recharge areas, and wildlife corridors for the benefit of Quaas Creek and it’s residents.

View the full plan here: Quaas Creek Watershed Protection Plan (pdf)