Municipal, District, and Land Classification Codes

Municipality 291 City of West bend
36 City of Hartford
GTNV Village of Germantown
T1 Town of Addison
T2 Town of Barton
T3 Town of Erin
T4 Town of Farmington
T5 Town of Germantown
T6 Town of Hartford
T7 Town of Jackson
T8 Town of Kewaskum
T9 Town of Polk
T10 Town of Richfield
T11 Town of Trenton
T12 Town of Wayne
T13 Town of West Bend
V3 Village of Jackson
V4 Village of Kewaskum
V5 Village of Slinger
V6 Village of Newburg
District AF Allenton Fire
AH Airport Hangers
AP Ashippun Fire
AS Allenton Sanitary
BF Boltonville Light
BI Bark Lake Improve
BL Bark Lake San
BP Big Cedar PR & REH
BU Bark Lake utility
BV Boltonville Fire
C Cedarburg School
DB Downtown Bus. Dist.
DP Druid Lake Protect
E Erin School # 2
EP Pike LK Ut Dist-EP
FF Fillmore Light
FM Fillmore Fire
FP Friess Lake Pro
FU Friess Utility
G Germantown School
H Hartford Union HS
HD Hilldale Sanitary
HE Hartford Elementary
HE Hartford JT #1
HF Hartford Fire
JF Jackson Fire
JU Jackson Utility
K Kewaskum School
KF Kohlsville Fire
L Lomira School
LF St Lawr Fire
LF St Lawrence Fire
LL Light District
LL St Lawrence Light
LP Little Cedar P & R
MT Milwaukee VTC
NF North Lake Fire
NW Pike Lk Ut Dist-NW
PP Pike Lake Protect
PV Pike Lk Ut Dist-PV
R Rubicon J6
R1 Richfield J1
R2 Friess Lake School
RF Richfield Fire
RU Richfield Utility
S Slinger School
SA Sewer Available
SD Scenic Drive San
SE Sewered
SF Slinger Fire
SL Silver Lake San
SN Sand Drive San
SO Proposed Sewer
SP Silver Lake Pr&Reh
T1 TIF District 1
T2 TIF District 2
T3 TIF District 3
T4 TIF District 4
T5 TIF 1 & 4 Parcel
T5 TIF District 5
T6 TIF 2 & 4 Parcel
U2 Richfield Utility 2
VT Moraine Park VTC
W West Bend School
WF West Bend Fire
WL Wallace lake San
ZD Zuern Detachment
Land Classification 1 Boats & Watercraft
2 Machinery & Tools
3 Furniture & Fixtures
4A All Other Pers Prop
4B Imps on Leased Land
4C Mobile Homes
5 Computer Equipment
A Residential
B Commercial
C Manufacturing
D Agricultural
D1 Agricultural
D2 Agricultural
D3 Agricultural
D4 Agricultural
E Swamp & Wasteland
F Forest Lands
G1 Forest Crop #1
G2 Forest Crop #2
GC Managed Forest Closed (pre-2005)
GO Managed Forest Open (pre-2005)
W6 Managed Forest Closed (post-2004)
W5 Managed Forest Open (post-2004)
O Other
X1 Exempt-Federal
X2 Exempt-State
X3 Exempt-County
X4 Exempt-Local
X5 Exempt-Other