Gehl Site Redevelopment Shows-off Washington County's Site Redevelopment Program
Collaboration has been key to brownfield program's nation leading success

The Washington County Site Redevelopment Program (SRP) continues to show success over the past five years in spurring successful redevelopment projects, resulting in millions of dollars in leveraged funds. The latest project is the redevelopment of the former Gehl site in West Bend.

This success is due to the coalition partners, which include the cities of Hartford and West Bend, the villages of Jackson, Richfield, and Slinger and Washington County, working together to share resources and direct funds where they are most needed. The SRP's Project Management Team (PMT), which includes experts in environmental remediation, economic development, and redevelopment/reuse planning, helps the Site Redevelopment Committee (SRC) prioritize projects.

"For every brownfield, such as the Gehl site, this group redevelops, it makes it easier to preserve green spaces and farmland," said County Administrator Josh Schoemann. "This is a great example of how when governments work together, the taxpayers win."

"There has been great collaboration between the county, cities, and villages in identifying and accessing vacant, blighted and contaminated sites which are often located within older portions of communities," stated Ray Heidtke, SRC Chairperson and Town of Jackson Chairman. "When redeveloped, these sites have a positive impact not only on the immediate area but can act as a catalyst for reinvestment throughout a community."

"The County, EDWC and a coalition of local governments have focused collectively repurposing already existing public infrastructure, cleaning up blight, building new business assets and bringing deals across the finish line...all with significant economic and fiscal benefits to local taxpayers," said Christian Tscheschlok, Executive Director EDWC. "While others focus on shiny objects, we are driving new opportunity through what's already here. I am proud of the nationally recognized leadership and the results to local communities and residents."

Most recently the US EPA Region 5 took notice, recognizing the Site Redevelopment Program and the City of West Bend for 'Outstanding Contributions in Brownfields Redevelopment' at the National Brownfields Conference for the Barton School Apartment Redevelopment.

"Our hotel and office development wouldn't have happened as easily without the collaboration and support of the City of West Bend and the SRP," stated Kraig Sadownikow, President of American Construction Services. "It was a quick process and an example of how government should work; at the speed of business."

Learn more about the SRP successes at SRP Success Stories. For more information visit or contact Deb Sielski, Deputy Director Planning & Parks at 262-335-4772 or email at .