Washington County Releases Budget Summary
Washington County published the 2019 Budget-in-Brief. The budget-in-brief is a ten-page summary which gives a broad condensation of the over-200 page budget. Washington County's budget is driven by the mission, values, and strategic priorities previously adopted by the county board. The BIB presents how the county allocates resources, how resources are spent, and the County's top budget priorities. The BIB also highlights county debt trends and clarifies the current county tax rate and tax bill.

"Exhibiting a high degree of transparency is critical to building trust for our taxpayers," said Margaret Hamers, Finance Director. "This document is essentially a summary of our pocketbook and spending decisions."

In 2019, the County's top budget priorities include reducing the tax rate, reducing the budget deficit, initiating the compensation plan study and continuing sustainability plans. Budget highlights included:

The County's property tax rate declined from 2.4901 in 2018 to 2.3930 in 2019 - the lowest county tax rate in over a century.

The 2019 planned budget deficit level of $600,000 represents the lowest level in two decades, and the lowest since the strategy was introduced in the late 1990's.

The County included dollars to study the County's pay plan and help fund anticipated plan modifications to invest in its human resources and attract and retain a workforce dedicated to service excellence.

As a lower priority for Washington County, parks was asked to further reduce reliance on the property tax levy by $150,000. This budget reflects an increase in revenues of $150,000 for parks.

This budget "doubles down" on investment in the County's Economic Development Strategy. It funds the County's Revolving Loan Fund programs to the tune of an additional $2 million. Over time, the result will be an astonishing historic $18.5 million dollar evergreen fund for economic development. The budget begins funding of the County's new 2050 Transportation Network Sustainability Plan. The 2019 Budget includes funding for the first year of principal and interest payments on debt issued as part of the plan.

The County's debt per capita is $63 - the lowest of surrounding counties based on 2017 financial statements. Debt increased in this budget for planned road construction projects without raising expenses

Budget in Brief
2019 Budget Book