Washington County launches Cycling Without Age program
Samaritan Health Center hosts anniversary celebration

The County's Samaritan Health Center is 50 years old this month and is planning a celebration on May 30th. The formal program begins at 4:30 p.m. and will include the opening of the "Samaritan Time Capsule" followed by the "kick off" of Washington County's first Cycling Without Age program. The event is open to the public. Music and refreshments will be a part of the celebration.

"Washington County has a wonderful resource to help provide for the health, housing and well-being of the county's elderly population in the form of Samaritan Campus," said Samaritan Campus Administrator Mari Beth Borek. "We continue to focus on the important elements of health, wellness and quality of life during people's need for short or long term care. We're taking the opportunity this month to celebrate this."

Cycling Without Age is a program that provides outdoor rickshaw rides for the elderly by pairing them up with volunteer cyclists in the community. The program is a community initiative supported by the Samaritan Health Center, Well Washington County and Bike Friendly West Bend. West Bend is the 14th Cycling Without Age chapter in Wisconsin.

"I think the Cycling without Age program is the coolest thing to happen in Washington County in the 20 years I've lived here," stated Jeff Puetz, President of Bike Friendly West Bend. "The program provides residents freedom, independence, interactions and mobility they might not otherwise enjoy."

Cycling Without Age allows residents to re-engage as visible members of the community and to direct their lives while they are passengers on the rickshaw as they are taken on a bicycle ride-through the city of West Bend, to city parks, visiting a local business, or even riding past the house they used to live in. The program also highlights the importance of bicycles in their many forms for transportation and recreation.

To find out more about the Samaritan's Cycling Without Age program, become a cycling without age pilot volunteer or donate, contact Carrie Jeffords at 262.335.4533.

Washington County acknowledges the importance of ensuring access to basic physical, behavioral and socio-economic needs including access to services that provide for the community's health and physical well-being, encompassing all ages, ability and circumstances.