One of County's Most Dangerous Intersections Will See Safety Improvements

Roundabout Construction on CTH Q and Hillside set for 2023

After being marked as one of the most dangerous intersections in the County's 2019 Traffic Safety Analysis Plan, the intersection of County Highway Q (County Line Road) & Hillside Road will be reconstructed with a new roundabout.

"A roundabout will address the severe angle crashes observed at this location," said Highway Commissioner Scott Schmidt. "We're in the business of providing safe, efficient and effective mobility and this is an exciting project for those reasons."

2013-2018 saw 37 accidents at the intersection. With support from the Village of Richfield and the Town of Lisbon, Washington County applied for and obtained Highway Safety Improvement funding for the project from the federal/state government in the amount of $1,620,000. The remaining $180,000 of the project will be funded through local contributions.

The Village of Richfield has been assisting in monitoring crash data at this intersection for years and had made temporary modifications as part of the STH 164 reconstruction efforts, only allowing right-turn movement from Hillside Road. As part of intersection safety priorities in 2019, Washington County reached out to SEWRPC and Department of Transportation Safety engineers for further review. The conclusion: a bigger step is needed for to make this intersection safe.

"We're elated that Washington County secured this grant to address this long-standing safety concern," said Village of Richfield Administrator Jim Healy. "We'll be working throughout the construction process to ensure that our residents have ample opportunity for feedback and discussion on plan design."

Town of Lisbon Administrator, Gina Gresch added the following, "We are delighted to see Washington County feels this project is important enough to approve funding to improve this intersection for the safety of our residents and everyone traveling through our communities."

County Mental Health Center is Now Offering Same Day Assessments

New Walk-In Clinic Hours Improve Service for uninsured and underinsured clientele

West Bend, WI - The Washington County Human Services Department now offers same day access for assessments in the Mental Health Center at the Public Agency Center - 333 E. Washington Street.

"Two years ago, we had a two to four month wait for initial access to our Mental Health Center for uninsured and underinsured individuals to receive therapy and psychiatry in Washington County," said Human Services Director Julie Driscoll. "After a nine-month process and quality improvement cycle, we are proud to say that we have fully implemented same day access for assessments, serving over 100 individuals on the same day they walk through the door, since July."

Walk-In Clinic Hours are offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30-2:30pm and Fridays 9:30 - 11:30am. Residents are encouraged to call 262-335-4600 to confirm hours, as they may change. To qualify, an individual must be a Washington County resident and have state insurance or no insurance. Individuals should plan to be in the clinic for up to 2.5 hours and early arrival is not necessary, as it will only add to the wait time.

"Providing the opportunity for individuals to leave our campus with an initial treatment plan and recommendations for follow-up care is a tremendous step forward toward providing access to basic needs in our community," said County Administrator Joshua Schoemann. "Congratulations to our Human Services Department for this quality advancement helping our residents enjoy an authentic quality of life."

The Washington County Human Services Department is an active partner and leader in the mental health and substance use services in our community. If you or someone you know is struggling, please call us at 262-335-4600.

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