State of the County Address

Washington County Administrator Joshua Schoemann delivered his annual State of the County address at the June 13 County Board meeting. In his 2016 State of the County Address, Schoemann outlined his "Four Goals in Four Years." Schoemann used his 2017 State of the County Address to provide a status update on the Four Goals, highlight the top three accomplishments of 2016-2017 and forecast year 2018.

"Four Goals in Four Years"
1. Reduce Annual Budget Deficit
Goal - Reduce by $300,000 per year through 2020
Success - 2017 Budget adopted with $300,000 reduction
2. Replenish Health Insurance Fund
Goal - $3.2M in Reserve by 2021
Success - $2.45M in Reserve at 2016 YE
3. Create Capacity for Pay Plan Study/Implementation
Goal - A fully funded overhaul of the 2012 plan
Success - 2017-2019 Strategic Priority to propose a new compensation model, including sufficient funding and execution timeline
4. Hold or Reduce Tax Rate
Goal - Reduce tax rate annually
Success -2016 Mill Rate: $2.60/$1,000; 2017 Mill Rate: $2.58/$1,000

According to Schoemann, the top 3 accomplishments of 2016-2017 were:
1. Completion of the County's newly implemented LEAD leadership training by approximately 75% of all eligible employees;
2. Completion of the County's new Fiscal Health Tool and Resource Alignment Diagnostic Tool; and
3. Initiation of the County's new onsite health clinic, set to open in July, estimated to save nearly $1 million in the first three years and includes collaboration with the City of West Bend.

In addition, Schoemann listed several examples of collaboration for shared services, the unveiling of a newly formatted and integrated Budget Document, the development of a technology plan to guide decision making in the County and the implementation of paperless County Board/Committee meeting packets as key accomplishments for the County.

Schoemann listed his 2018 budget goals as:
1. Holding or reducing the current tax rate;
2. Reducing or eliminating the need to access fund balance to balance the budget;
3. A 4th consecutive pay plan adjustment; and
4. Implementing the Parks Fiscal Sustainability Plan.

Board and Committee Interest Form Available


Any Washington County citizen looking to get involved on a Board or Committee for the County can express their interest by filling out the "Board and Committee Interest Form."

Board and Committee Interest Form (pdf)

2017 Full Service Clean Sweep

2017 Full Service Clean Sweep
October 7th (Saturday - 8 am - Noon)

Washington County Highway Facility  
 900 Lang Street

West Bend, WI 53090

The Full Service Clean Sweep is an opportunity for 
Washington County residents to properly dispose or recycle unwanted
Hazardous Waste, Electronics, TV's and Large Household Appliances 
Pharmaceutical Medication and Used Tires.

There is a $30.00/Vehicle Pre-Registration Fee charged for disposal of Hazardous Waste, Electronics, TVs and Large Appliances. Pharmaceutical Medication Collection is FREE of Charge.
Disposal Fees Apply for Tires.

Washington County Strategic Priorities Now Available

The Washington County Board recently approved Strategic Priorities for the Quality of Life of the Citizens of Washington County.