Washington County - Elections

The April 7 election is currently proceeding.

Several polling locations will likely have to be moved due to Elections Commission guidance to not host polling activities in senior facilities. Because the schools are closed, we have not determined what these locations will mean.

We are encouraging voters to request a mailed ballot.

Voters are to visit myvote.wi.gov. Click VOTE ABSENTEE. Enter legal name and DOB. Click REQUEST ABSENTEE BALLOT. Follow prompts to confirm address and select which elections to receive a ballot for. Voters may have to upload a picture of their photo ID. It may be easiest to use a smartphone.

Ballots may be requested until 5pm on April 2.

Voters may check back after submitted their information to see if their request has been fulfilled, their ballot has been sent, or if a returned ballot has been received.

If a voter needs to register or a change of address needs to be made, this may only be done online until Wednesday, March 18. To register online, the DMV address must match the voter’s new address. Voters should visit this website to change their DMV address. Changes to the DMV system should be immediate.

It is legal to assist other voters with this process. Further assistance can be obtained from your municipal clerk. A paper request is available here and must include a copy of your voter ID

In Person Absentee Voting Information

City/ Village Clerk Name Phone Email In-person Hours
Richfield Jim Healy 262-628-2260 administrator@richfieldwi.gov Drive through hours starting next week. 

Town  Clerk Name Phone Email In-Person Hours
Wayne Carol Gonwa 262-689-4238  townofwaynewi@gmail.com By appointment, or Monday, March 23 and Monday, March 30 from 4pm - 7pm at town hall
Erin Julie  Kriewaldt 262-673-3682 erintown@netwurx.net Monday, March 23 - April 2 Mondays - Thursday 7:30am - noon, 1pm - 4:30pm
April 3 noon to 5pm