County Treasurer

County Treasurer

The County Treasurer is a Constitutional Officer elected every four years by the voters of Washington County.

The County Treasurer prepares and generates the tax bills for all 20 municipalities in the County.  As the tax collector, the County Treasurer is responsible for the collection of all delinquent and postponed real estate taxes from the 20 municipalities in the County. The County Treasurer acts as the County's bank.  We receipt all the revenues received by the various county departments and deposit the money daily.  The County Treasurer serves as the administrator of the Lottery and Gaming Credit Claim program for Washington County.  The County Treasurer is a resource for all the local municipal clerks and treasurers of Washington County.

Use the Washington County Tax Inquiry to obtain:
  • Ownership information
  • Delinquent tax statements 
  • Tax receipt information (payments applied to tax year)
  • Brief legal description
  • Assessment districts
  • Special tax information
  • Parcel splits
  • Parcel history


Current year real estate tax payments are paid to the local municipal treasurer through January 31.  Tax payment information is updated to the County Treasurer's website as payments are applied by the local municipality.

If you choose to pay your taxes in installments, you must pay each installment in full before the due date of January 31 or July 31, otherwise the TOTAL amount of your remaining unpaid taxes will be delinquent (Wis Stats 74.11(7), 74.12 or 74.87). Taxes become delinquent as of February 1 and are subject to interest and penalty of 1.5% per month until they are paid in full.

Personal property taxes are collected by the local treasurers. For any personal property tax parcel with a balance, please contact the respective local treasurer to verify balance due.

If you know the exact parcel number or the property address, please click the following link. You will be brought to the Washington County Ascent Land Records Suite.

Washington County Tax Inquiry Program

Hints to navigate:

1. To search by parcel/tax key, click the dropdown arrow and choose the Municipality.  Enter the remainder of the parcel/tax key (no dashes or spaces) in the Parcel ID box and click the Find Now button. 
2. Results will appear below. Double click on the parcel link and you are brought to the search results screen. Under Select Detail, click the dropdown arrow and click Taxes.
2. To search by address, enter the house number in the Street Number field.  Enter the street name (leave off "road, street, etc." as this limits the search) in the Street Name field and click the Find Now button.


Property which has benefited from lower property taxes due to its use value assessment as agricultural land may be subject to a penalty when it is converted to residential, commercial, or manufacturing use.

Download the AG USE CONVERSION document from the document list.

When are the real estate property tax bills mailed out each year?

††††† The local municipality mails out the property tax bills by December 15th.

What happens if I donít receive a real estate tax bill?

If you do not receive your tax bill by December 20, please call the County Treasurerís office.Failure to receive a property tax bill does not relieve the taxpayer of the obligation to pay their taxes timely.

When is the first installment or full real estate tax payment due and to whom?

The first installment or full payment option is due on or before January 31 to your Local Treasurer.

What happens if I miss the January 31 deadline?

If the first installment is not paid by January 31, the entire unpaid balance becomes delinquent and is subject to interest and penalty retroactive to February 1 at a rate of 1.5% per month until it is paid in full.Delinquent real estate tax payments are payable to the Washington County Treasurer.

How does the Treasurer determine if a real estate tax payment is considered timely?

Property tax payments are considered timely if they are postmarked on or before the respective due dates according to WI State Statutes.We urge taxpayers to mail several days early to avoid postal delay when mailing from community mail boxes.You may consider going to the Post Office and having them hand-cancel your envelope to assure a timely postmark.

Does the County Treasurer set up repayment plans with taxpayers?

No, but we encourage taxpayers to make whatever payments they can to reduce their outstanding balance as well as the amount of interest and penalties that will be assessed.We will accept partial payments of $50 or more on delinquent property taxes.

When is the second installment of my postponed real estate taxes due?

The second installment of property tax is due on or before July 31 to the County Treasurer.Payments that are mailed must be postmarked no later than July 31st to be considered a timely payment.

If my escrow check is payable to the local treasurer, do I have to get a new check?

No, we can accept the check if we are collecting the taxes. We do not accept checks payable to anyone besides the Washington County Treasurer, the local treasurer, or the deeded property owner.

To view a listing of the local treasurers for Washington County which includes their mailing addresses and phone numbers, please download the LOCAL TREASURERS file from the document list.
To view information on applying for the lottery credit, who qualifies, lottery credit forms, and other items pertaining to the Lottery & Gaming Credit, please download the LOTTERY AND GAMING CREDIT file from the document list.
Washington County taxpayers are able to pay their second installment or any delinquent real estate taxes by phone. For instructions, please download the PAY REAL ESTATE TAXES BY PHONE file from the document list.
Washington County taxpayers are able to pay their second installment or any delinquent real estate taxes online.

Online payments are processed through Point & Pay and they charge a convenience fee of 2.39% of the credit card payment or $1.50 for an electronic check. These fees are paid directly to Point & Pay and the County does not receive any portion of these fees.

For instructions, please download the PAY REAL ESTATE TAXES ONLINE file from the document list.

Real Estate tax bills are mailed out to taxpayers by their local municipality with the first installment due by January 31st to your local Treasurer. If you don't receive your tax bill by December 21, please visit the County's website; click on Departments, then click on County Treasurer, and click the Tax Information link. You are able to search by your parcel number or by property address. Once you have brought up your parcel number, you will be able to click the View Tax Bill Image button and click on the year you want to view and print out a copy of your tax bill. If you have any questions, please contact the Washington County Treasurer's office at (262) 335-4324 for assistance.

Be sure to check your tax bill to make sure that you received the Lottery Credit if this was your primary residence as of January 1. If it is not on your tax bill, contact your local treasurer prior to paying your first installment. You will need to complete a Lottery & Gaming Credit Application which can be obtained from the County's website. Click on Departments, then click on County Treasurer, and click on the link Lottery Credit Application under Documents.
Municipal tax rates are charged per $1,000 of the assessed value. Many taxation districts, especially towns, will have more than one mill rate within their boundaries. We have provided a list by local municipality and respective taxing districts which will help you establish an estimate of what taxes in a particular area might be.

To view the most recent tax rates for municipalities in Washington County, please download the MUNICIPALITY TAX RATES file from the document list.