Register of Deeds

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Sharon A Martin
Register of Deeds

Welcome to Washington County
Register of Deeds

Please contact our office at
(262) 335-4318
with any questions.

Thank You.


Under the authority of Chapter 59.43 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Register of Deeds is the custodian of both land and vital records. Documents recorded in the office are a matter of public record and can be inspected by anyone during regular business hours


Documents submitted for recording the end of December 2014 must be received at our counter

no later than 4:00 pm Monday, December 30, 2014

Any document received after 4:00 pm
 will not be recorded until January 2, 2015


Fees for Vital records are as follows:
$20.00 for the first copy (of each record)
$3.00 for each additional copy

Vital records such as Birth, Death, Marriage and Declaration of Domestic Partnership certificates are filed in our office as long as the event took place in Washington County, Wisconsin.



There are 3 ways to obtain vital records:

 1.  Come into the office located at: 432 E Washington St West Bend
      You can print out and complete an applicaton form (above) and 
       bring it with you to our office.  (identification is required)
 2.  Complete the application form (above) and mail it to our office with the 
        appropriate fee

 3.  Order online with credit card (see below) 

 Acceptable forms of payment are Cash or Check made payable to  "Register of Deeds"

Any questions pertaining to a specific Birth, Death, Marriage or Declaration of Domestic Partnership record that is on file with our office, please call (262) 335-4321 or send an e-mail to our Vital Records Clerk.

Click below to send an e-mail to our Vital Records Clerk

E-Mail Vital Records Clerk

- The person named on the record.

- The parent of the person named on the record

- The legal custodian or guardian of the person named in the record.

- A member of the immediate family (spouse, child, brother, sister or   grandparent)

- An agent representing the person named in the record.


For your convenience, you can process online requests through an independent company that Washington County Register of Deeds has partnered with to provide you this service; VitalChek Network, Inc. VitalChek can be reached through their website. An additional fee is charged by VitalChek for this service, and all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®.

Recording and Filing fees are governed by Wisconsin Statutes and are uniform throughout the State.

Documents received between 8am-4pm are recorded the same day they are received.

Original documents that have been recorded are returned in three business days.

Please make checks payable to Register of Deeds.

 DOR Website:   Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return 

 Blank Forms:    Real Estate Documents

 WRDA Website:Miscellaneous Forms

Recorded Documents

  • Deeds, Mortgages, Land Contracts, Satisfactions,
    Registration of Firm Names, Change of Name and Miscellaneous Documents
    • $30.00 (Flat Fee regardless of the number of pages) 
  • TOD-110 - Termination of Decedent's Property Interest 
    • $30.00 (Flat Fee regardless of number of pages)
  • HT-110 - Transfer on Death to Beneficiary 
    • $30.00 (Flat Fee regardless of number of pages)
  • Federal Tax Liens - $30.00 (Flat Fee regardless of number of pages)
  • Lis Pendens $30.00 (Flat Fee regardless of number of pages)


Document Copies and Certified Copies

  • Copies of recorded documents are $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.
  • Certified copies are $3.00 for the first page (includes the certification) and $1.00 for each additional page.


  • Subdivision and Condominium Plats are $50.00 regardless of the number of pages.
  • Department of Transportation Project Plats (TPP) are $25.00 with one page being one plat.
  • Plats are 22"X30" in size except for Condominium Plats which are 14"X22".

Genealogical & historical real estate records are available back to the mid-1800's. You may search our records anytime between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.






  • Sign in at the front desk and leave by 4:15 pm
  • No CAMERAS, cell phones, scanners, private copy machines, food or drinks.
  • Ask Register for approval of laptop
  • No children under the age of 12
  • Be respectful to others and work quietly. No loud talking, laughing or noise making



  • Have clean hands, be gentle, use care and ask for assistance
  • Use only pencils
  • Don't write on, alter, mutilate or destroy any records. Handle all books with care and respect. Return all books to their proper space
  • Report any damages to records or inappropriate searching
  • Only one verbal warning will be given. Continued violators will be asked to leave the office

NOTE: A statewide vital records law went into effect June 1, 1907. Vital records were not required before this time so our records are limited

Information is provided on the Washington County Internet Map Server as a convenience and is for informational use only. Although Washington County makes every effort to provide complete, accurate, and current information in this application, the County cannot guarantee the quality or completeness of the included information. Washington County, its officers, employees, agents and assigns make no warranties, expressed or implied, for the contents of this web page. If you find any errors or omissions, you are encouraged to report them to the GIS Division of the Washington County Planning and Parks Department. Information provided on this site should not be used for legal, survey, engineering, financial, tax or other professional advice. If specific or precise information is required, you should always use the original recorded documents, surveys, plats, flood insurance studies, or other official means. Washington County specifically disclaims liability for damages of any kind resulting from the misuse or misrepresentation of any information contained herein. The information included in this application is public record. 


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Surveyors working in Washington County are required by state statue to file with the County Surveyor copies of plats they create in the course of their work. The Real Property Lister Office archives these plats for the County Surveyor. If you wish to learn if a survey is available for a particular property please visit the following link:


Washington County Real Property Lister
432 East Washington Street
Room 2040
West Bend, WI  53095
Telephone: 262-335-4370


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LandShark is a web-based tool for the location and retrieval of land record documents. With LandShark, you can search for land record documents and, if the document is available on our system, actually view the document on your computer. 

LandShark is designed to be used by two different types of users: daily users and occasional users:

  • Occasional Users
  •  LandShark has an internet option for the Occasional User working in the real estate related business. If you do not have a good real estate background, you are best advised to visit the office of your local register of deeds and get assistance to locate your documents. If you have a good real estate background, you will have no difficulty using LandShark. Fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system. If you are interested in searching the real estate records in the Washington County Office of the Register of Deeds.

  • Daily Users
  • LandShark has an internet access program designed for title insurance firms and other real estate related firms that operate in Wisconsin and need daily access to the land records in the Washington County Register of Deeds office. (If your real estate related firm needs only intermittent access, or if your computer expertise is limited, please consider using Occasional LandShark instead.) Fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system and Daily Use Access is only available with a subscription.If you represent a Wisconsin firm interested in searching the real estate records in the Washington County Office of the Register of Deeds on a daily basis.