Finance Department

The Finance Department provides Washington County with centralized financial management, payroll an accounting system, Information Services, and Purchasing. Financial information is provided to the County Board and county departments. Information Services provides programming, technical support and telecommunications to county departments. Purchasing is responsible for providing supervision, coordination, and monitoring the purchasing functions of the County.




This form is not for Washington County Employees for direct deposit of payroll checks.  These instructions relate to the ACH process for Washington County, Wisconsin vendors.


Please complete all information requested on this form.  The accuracy of the information provided in the financial institution information section is very important.  Please confirm this information with your financial institution.




The vendor will enter into our system the required financial information.  Washington County will accept this information and email the vendor a user ID and password to sign into our system.  You must change the password after the initial sign-in.   When your financial information is entered the vendor will receive a second email indication that the next payment will be by ACH. 


An authorized representative of the payee must make any changes to the information in our system.  Washington County staff does not have access to make any changes to financial institution information.  Changes to account information will cause the original authorization to be immediately inactivated and the new account information will be processed as described above.   The authorization will remain in effect until the payee withdraws the authorization.  Washington County Wisconsin will not be responsible for any loss that may arise solely by reason of error mistake or fraud regarding information provided by the payee.


This form authorizes Washington County to initiate credit entries to initiate, if necessary at the sole discretion of Washington County, debit entries and adjustments for any credit entries made in error.  Debit entries and adjustments will be performed with prior notice to payee and only if the entire amount of payment is not due the payee.

ACH Payment Authorization Fill In Form (PDF)