County Board

The primary mission of Washington County is to endeavor to provide all County citizens with cost-effective, prompt, and high quality county services. Quality is the extent to which a product or service conforms to requirements and meets or exceeds customer expectations. By the Wisconsin Constitution, and by action of the State Legislature, the Washington County Board of Supervisors is vested with powers of a local, legislative, and administrative character to act upon matters of general government, public safety, transportation, health and human services, court services, education and culture and the conservation of land resources as delegated to the counties of Wisconsin by State Legislature. The County Board is responsible for the setting of policies for the county. The County Board establishes and evaluates the success of its administrative system in carrying out these policies as intended. In order to achieve its agreed upon goals and plans, the County organizes a competent team of appointed and elected administrators and other essential staff to help convert its policies into operational activities.

Regular Meetings: Courthouse Room 1019

Agendas & Minutes

Disclaimer: Meeting minutes and agendas are updated as received by the County Clerk's Office. Minutes and agendas on this site may be subject to change based upon subsequent committee or board action. However, changes, additions and/or deletions may or may not be published on this site. The publication of agendas on this site is not considered an official Posting. Approved meeting minutes are available at the County Clerk's Office. The County reserves all rights to modify this site and the information contained hereon as appropriate.