Highway Department

The Washington County Highway Department maintains a proud tradition of providing exceptional winter service to the citizens of Washington County while also providing preventative road maintenance to protect our infrastructure investments.

While striving to balance the multi-modal transportation needs of the public with a fiscally prudent Highway Department, Washington County has been able to maintain a high level of service for all citizens.

For more information, please see the Washington County Highway Department 2017 Annual Report.
2017 Highway Department Annual Report

Highway Plans

Searchable Database with Access to Scanned Plans

2050 Transportation Network Sustainability Plan

The Washington County Highway Department has developed its first long-range transportation plan. The plan has a design year of 2050 and serves as a guide for budgeting by estimating when specific stretches of the Washington County highway system should be improved based on a 25-year pavement lifecycle. This plan is intended to help achieve a financially sustainable transportation network for Washington County. This plan serves as a guide and information within it is subject to change due to many factors in the future.

2050 Transportation Network Sustainability Plan (Aug 2018)

VIDEO: Washington County 2050 Transportation Network Sustainability Plan (#JustFixIt)

The Washington County Highway Department issues permits for various types of activities or improvements occurring within County Trunk Highway right-of-way.

For questions, to report problems, or to request any of the following documents in a different file format, please call (262)335-5025 or send an email to webhwy@co.washington.wi.us.

Before replacing a culvert, paving an existing driveway, installing a new driveway, or constructing a new road, applicants shall first review the County Access Control Policy then submit a County Access Permit Application Form. For more information on our specifications and permitting process, applicants may utilize the County Access Permit Checklist.
County Access Permit Checklist
County Access Control Policy
County Access Permit Application Form

Before the installation of new or modification to existing utilities within County Trunk Highway right-of-way, applicants shall first review the County Utility Accommodation Policy then submit a County Utility Permit Application Form.
County Utility Accommodation Policy
County Utility Permit Application Form

Before transporting an overweight, overheight, overlength, or overwidth load on any County Trunk Highway, you must first submit a County Oversize Load Permit Application Form. There are no other load restrictions on any County Trunk Highways outside of what is stated in the Wisconsin State Statutes. For vehicle size and weight restrictions on town, village, or city roads, contact the local municipality. A Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Washington County as certificate holder must accompany the application as well as a $50 application fee.
County Oversize Load Permit Application Form
Certificate of Liability Insurance Sample


Before conducting any work within or modifying the landscape within County Trunk Highway right-of-way, you must first submit a Work Within Right-Of-Way Permit Application Form.
County Work Within Right-of-Way Permit Application Form

If you are organizing a parade or before conducting any other activity that would require a closure (including single-lane) and/or detour from a County Trunk Highway, you must first consult your local municipality (town, village or city) and then submit a County Trunk Highway Detour Permit Application Form after receiving approval an authorized municipal official.

*Please notify the Highway Department of detours on any other roadways (State Highway and town/village/city roads) that could result in increased traffic on County Trunk Highways.
County Trunk Highway Detour Permit Application Form

The County Highway Register was an attempt to search out, correlate, and record all known information concerning the laying out of all roads in the county. Some of these books have not been updated since the mid to late 1950's. Read the forward in the index to understand how these books were created.

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  • Massive supports such as telephone poles, heavy metal posts, concrete posts, antique farm equipment, or other similar items are prohibited. Any support must be designed so that if it is struck, it will bend or fall away from the striking vehicle to prevent severe damage to the vehicle or injury to the traveling public. If possible, all newspaper tubes and mailboxes shall be placed on the same post to avoid unnecessary posts.

  • Nothing shall be attached to the mailbox, newspaper tube, or its support.

  • Use of a semi-arch or extended arm-type support which allows snowplows to sweep near or under mailboxes without damaging supports is recommended.

  • When newspaper tubes are used other than those provided by the newspaper, the Highway Commissioner shall have the exclusive authority to approve the newspaper tube.

  • The Washington County Highway Department will repair or replace mailboxes that are physically struck by a county highway department truck.  A standard size and design box will be used. We will not repair mailboxes damaged by snow.

  • Please see Washington County Code, Chapter 12.04

  • Mailboxes should be mounted at a height of 41 to 45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry.

  • Mailboxes should be set back 6 to 8 inches from the front face of the curb or edge of the shoulder to the mailbox door.

The Highway Department provides information to registered land surveyors, property owners, and utilities regarding rights-of-way on county roads in Washington County. Right-of-way is land owned by the county adjacent to County Trunk Highways. To view right-of-way information visit Washington County Mapping Application. For lands on the border of Washington County, click on the links at right for adjacent counties.

No construction activities are allowed on the county right-of-way without an approved permit from the Washington County Highway Department.

No obstacles are allowed on the Washington County right-of-way including used vehicles, for-sale signs, rummage sale signs, political signs, landscaping, and plantings.

Washington County Highway Department Projects

Washington County road construction is prioritized on the basis of need and roads are built with federal aid if possible with contracts let to the lowest bidder. See the map below for the County's 5-year Highway Improvement Plan for 2018-2022. All County and State projects displayed are subject to change.

5-Year Highway Improvement Plan (2018-2022)

Safety is also a primary factor when determining which roads should be improved. Washington County's GIS division has produced the following accident severity map that summarizes where roadway accidents have occurred throughout Washington County from 2012 to 2016 and how severe they were. This information is a key component when determining where safety should be improved on Washington County's highway system.

Washington County Accident Severity Map - 2012-2016

Jurisdictional Transfers

The following links summarize jurisdictional transfers being discussed between Washington County, the State of Wisconsin, and local municipalities. Washington County is spearheading discussions and aiming for win-win solutions with all parties involved. Additional details regarding proposed jurisdictional transfers can be found in agenda packets of the Public Works Committee dating back to November of 2017.

Proposed Jurisdictional Transfers 2017 (Map)
2017 Jurisdictional Transfer Draft Plan
CTH W - Proposed Improvements - STH 83 to STH 175 (as of 1/19/18) - Option 1
CTH W - Proposed Improvements - STH 83 to STH 175 (as of 2/7/18) - Option 2

Washington County Section Corner Monument Survey

Washington County has contracted with the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) to conduct a countywide update to the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) section corners in Washington County. SEWRPC surveyors will be collecting survey measurements on these monuments from now until the end of 2018. Work will occur within roadways and in off-road locations including on private property. Please exercise caution if you encounter such work in progress.

For more information, please see the press release and the State of Wisconsin's Right of Trespass Law below.

If you have any questions, please call Ted Dumke, Project Manager/Deputy Surveyor at (262)335-4436.

     Press Release

     State of Wisconsin's Right to Trespass Law (pdf)


CTH P Reconstruction


The Washington County Highway Department reconstructed County Trunk Highway P from State Highway 60 north to Woodland Drive in the Village and Town of Jackson in 2018. The project has been substantially completed and the road was opened on October 3, 2018. The project area was designed to meet current and future traffic needs and improve safety for the traveling public. 


CTH Z/NN Reconstruction and Resurfacing


The Washington County Highway Department reconstructed and resurfaced CTH Z/NN around Little Cedar Lake in 2018. The project is substantially completed and the road was opened on September 21, 2018. The purpose and need for the project was to improve the long-term pavement conditions of the roadway, improve drainage and the failing slope on the west side, and reduce future roadway maintenance costs.


2018 / 2019

CTH Y (Goldendale Rd) Water & Sewer Extension - Phase 1

The Village of Germantown is extending their water and sewer services along CTH Y (Goldendale Rd) from Freistadt Rd northerly to a point between the railroad tracks and Isabelle Farms Dr. This is the first phase of extending these utilities and work will be starting on October 15, 2018. The first phase of this project is planned to be completed by June 1, 2019. The road will be closed to all traffic within the project area with a posted detour in place.

Project Location and Detour Map

For project inquiries, please contact:
Larry Ratayczak
Village of Germantown Dept of Public Works
Phone: (262)250-4721


CTH K Reconstruction

Washington County is planning to reconstruct a 2.6-mile section of CTH K from State Trunk Highway (STH) 83 to Interstate 41 in 2019. The project is located in the Towns of Addison and Hartford.

The project will improve the poor condition of the existing roadway pavement. Turn lanes at intersections and upgrades to the vertical curves are being evaluated to improve safety for the traveling public.

A public meeting was held on Thursday, February 22, 2018 at the Addison Town Hall (127 1st St Allenton, WI 53002) from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Public Notice - Public Informational Meeting on 2/22/18

Public Comment Form (accepted via mail or email until March 9, 2018)

2018-0222 PIM Detour
2018-0222 PIM Overview 1
2018-0222 PIM Overview 2
2018-0222 PIM Overview 3
PIM Handout
GRAEF Presentation

CTH K Reconstruction Project Area Map


Pioneer Rd Reconstruction

Washington County is planning the roadway reconditioning of a 0.51-mile section of Pioneer Road, from STH 175 to Richfield Parkway. The project is located in the Village of Richfield and Town of Polk.

The project will look to improve the poor condition of the existing roadway pavement. Upgrades to the vertical curves, roadway cross section, and improvements to the Mayfield Road intersection are being evaluated to improve safety for the travelling public. The project is currently scheduled for construction in 2020. Following the construction project, the roadway will be turned over to the State of Wisconsin and be re-named STH 145.

A public information meeting (PIM) was held on Tuesday, September 18th at Cabela's in Richfield. See links below for more information regarding the project.

PIM Notice
PIM Comment Form
PIM Presentation
Aerial Overview
Detour Route
Local Detour Route
2-page Handout

CTH D Curves - Reconstruction

Washington County is planning a reconstruction of a 2,500' +/- section of CTH D, from Nenno Road to the Canadian National Railroad crossing in the Town of Wayne. The roadway will be designed for future traffic needs. Specific improvements include the potential redesign of the horizontal and vertical road alignment, right-of-way acquisition, and possible railroad crossing coordination. The project is scheduled for construction in 2020.

A public informational meeting (PIM) was held on Thursday, October 25th at the Kohlsville Fire Department in the Town of Wayne. See links below for more information regarding the project.

PIM Handout
PIM Public Comment Form (accepted via mail or email)
PIM Minutes
CTH D Reconstruction PIM Display

WisDOT Construction Projects In Washington County

For updates and information regarding WisDOT construction projects in Washington County and southeastern Wisconsin, please visit:
     http://projects.511wi.gov/region/southeast/ or call 511.

The Washington County Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 515 lane miles of State Trunk Highway under the direction of the State and the maintenance and construction of approximately 390 lane miles of County Trunk Highway. Country Trunk Highways are labeled with letters such as CTH Q or CTH K and State Trunk Highways are labeled with numbers such as STH 164 or STH 33.

Examples of maintenance performed by the Highway Department include crack filling, pothole repair, blacktop patching, picking up litter in the right of way, mowing, tree cutting, shoulder repair, drainage, sign repair, guard rails, putting up snow fence, salting and plowing, and maintaining pavement markings delineating travel lanes, bikeways, parking areas and pedestrian crosswalks. The Washington County Highway Department also maintains all signs on county and state highways.

The Washington County Highway Department is responsible for snow and ice control on all county, state, and federal highways in Washington County.
Proposed speed limits are determined by a traffic and engineering investigation for the targeted roadway. A recommendation for a speed limit will then be acted on by the Public Works Committee and then the County Board. County Trunk Highways with no posted speed limits have a speed limit of 55 MPH by Wisconsin State Statute.

For speed limits on County Trunk Highways in Washington County, click here.

Click here to view a map showing traffic counts of roads in Washington County. Traffic counts represent the average daily traffic on any given section of roadway. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation publishes a book containing a list of traffic counts with chapters for each county in Wisconsin.