Planning & Parks Department

Our Mission

The public is provided with recreational benefits, environmental protection and
increased awareness, compliance with regulations, vibrant local economy, sensible
growth and an improved quality of life in Washington County.

The department liaison to the County Board is the
County Planning, Conservation & Parks Committee

Current and Previous Issues of the Department Newsletter

The Washington County Planning and Parks Department, in partnership with the Healthy People Project has completed an active living web site designed to locate recreational resources and map your plan to be active.
Get moving and get active! Use this site to connect to trails, walking and biking routes, parks and other physical activity events throughout Washington County. Active living is a way of life. Our vision for Get Moving Washington County is to develop a culture of healthy and active life styles for all ages and abilities.
  • Opportunity for the active
  • Inspiration for the inactive
  • Awareness for all

Click here or on the "Get Moving" logo above to visit the web site!

The Planning and Parks Department is made up of the following divisions:

County Engineer & Surveyor
  • Perpetuate all Public Land Survey Systems (PLSS) Monuments within Washington County
  • Administer regulations aimed to provide proper reclamation of nonmetallic mining sites
  • Provide technical assistance to all county departments
  • Perform bridge inspections for all county and local units of government

Geographic Information Systems Division
  • Manages the County Geographic Information System
  • Creates and maintains spatial databases (Parcels, roads, PLSS monuments, etc.)
  • Provides improved data analysis and reporting tools to all departments

Golf and Park Division
  • Oversees the operations and planning for the Washington County Golf Course designed by Arthur Hills
  • Maintains a championship 18 hole golf course and practice center
  • Clubhouse provides quality merchandise and a full service deli
  • Provide golf tournaments, outings and golf lessons
  • Oversees the operations for the County Park system
  • Provides snow plowing and grounds maintenance for County properties
  • Provides and maintains 21 reservable park shelters
  • Manages park planning and construction

Land and Water Conservation Division
  • Conduct resource inventories and develop resource management recommendations and plans
  • Administer regulations aimed to prevent water pollution from construction site erosion, urban stormwater runoff and manure storage facilities
  • Provide technical assistance and cost sharing for the installation of a wide variety of conservation practices
  • Conduct a wide variety of information and educational programs

Land Use Division
  • Administers County shoreland, wetland, and flood-plain zoning ordinance
  • Administers Sanitary System Maintenance program and Wisconsin Fund
  • Oversees subdivision plat review

Planning Division
  • Lead Planner for Multi-Jurisdictional (Smart Growth) Plan
  • Principle planner for long-range planning programs
  • Recommends strategies and programs to promote responsible growth and development of the County and its communities
  • Compiles and analyzes information and statistical data for County departments and the Public