Administration Department

The Administration department provides centralized management of county operations and facilities and is the home for the County Emergency Management office. The County Administrator is responsible for supervising and coordinating all administrative and management functions performed by all departments and offices of Washington County government. Other Administration responsibilities include: with Finance Department, preparing and submitting to the County Board of Supervisors the annual budget; periodically updating the County Board on various county programs, making recommendations and assisting the County Board with governing the County; leadership for the County's long range planning program; reviewing requests and complaints from the general public concerning county administrative actions; representing the County Board in all transactions of all business with other units of government and speaking for the County in all matters relating to the daily operation of county government.

Group tours of the Government Center, Justice Center, and Sheriff's Department are offered as scheduling permits. To inquire on how to arrange a tour for your group please call 262-306-2200.