Stormwater Pollution...Clean Water Starts with You

When it Rains, Where Does the Water Go?
What is Stormwater Runoff? 
What is Stormwater Pollution? 
The Importance of Infiltration 

Many people mistakenly believe that water pollution only comes from big factories with tall smokestacks and wastewater treatment plants that discharge pollutants directly through a pipe into our waterways. In fact, industrial pollution sources have been regulated for many years, and even if these sources were completely eliminated, up to half of all water pollution would still remain. This is because much of today's water pollution comes from many diffuse sources resulting from our own everyday activities. For example, if we take our dog to the park or let him out into the backyard, and we don't clean up the dog waste, it will get washed into the nearest waterway the next time it rains. Similarly, when we apply chemicals to our lawn or garen to kill bugs or weeds (herbicides or pesticides) some of the chemicals will get washed into local waterways. What do you think happens when chemicals that kill bugs and plants get into our lakes and streams? These chemicals often kill other plants and animals that are important to the health of our waterways. What we do in our own backyards and our own communities can make all the difference to the quality of our rivers, lakes and streams.

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