Where Does My Stormwater Go?

Where Does Washington County's Stormwater Go?
A watershed is an area of land that drains to a particular waterway, be it a lake, stream or river. Your neighborhood, school and workplace are all part of a watershed; the roads we drive on and the parks we play in are also part of a watershed. Most of the stormwater runoff in Washington County eventually drains into the Rock River or the Milwaukee River. Eventually, the Rock River flows into the Mississippi River and discharges into the Atlantic Ocean at the Gulf of Mexico. The Milwaukee River flows east into Lake Michigan. In many areas, runoff first goes to a smaller creek, river or stream that feeds into the Milwaukee or Rock River. For example, most of Germantown's stormwater runoff drains to the Menomonee River, and flows east in the Menomonee River before discharging into the South Milwaukee River.

 Do You Know Which Watershed You Live In?

My Water Drains West...                 My Water Drains East...
Rubicon River Milwaukee River North Branch
Ashippun River                 Milwaukee River East/West Branch
Oconomowoc River Cedar Creek
Rock River               Menomonee River

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