Field Books

Washington County would like to recognize the City of West Bend Engineering Department for donating these field notes purchased from B&H Surveying containing work done by the following firms, B & H Surveying, Citizens/Weis, Weis-Schneider Corp, R.A. Weis & Assoc., Capelle & Schmitz, Capelle & Weis, Capelle & Fox, and possibly Ethan Maxon to Washington County. These notes contain work done by Registered Land Surveyors Ethan Maxon, Merlin Capelle, Gerald Schmitz, Ronald Weis, Richard Fox, Gary Schneider, Richard Kleinmann, Mike Schleif, Mark Schmitz, David Leininger, Donald Thoma and William Holmes at various times in their careers before and after licensure. Below are scanned images of the index files for the field notes. The field books are on file in the Real Property Lister office in the Government Center, 432 East Washington Street, West Bend, WI 53095.

How to use the index:

  1. Page down and select the township you are working in
  2. Open the "Section Index" file
  3. Page down in that file to the section you are working in
  4. The second column from the right labeled "field notes" lists either a surveyor who did work in that section, or lists the pages of the field book if field notes were filed. Typically, this is listed as 1a, 2, 2a, etc...
  5. If you find that field notes were taken in your section, you will need to find the corresponding field book. Open the "field book number index" file or "engineering field book index" file at the bottom of the page. Page down to find the township that you are working in (left column). Note that some townships are split between multiple books because all the work could not fit into one field book. Some books are also dedicated to various subdivisions in a particular township or section. Subdivisions are indicated by decimal suffixes to the section number 12.1, 16.5 etc.
  6. Once you found your field book in the left column, follow across to the two far right columns. The box number and field book number are then listed. Books 1, 5, and 6 are available on-line
  7. For all other books, you must visit the Real Property office, and find the correct box and field book.
  8. Once the book is found, page to the appropriate section, and look for the specified pages of the field book as listed in number 4 above.

Section Indexes

Field book number index
Engineering field book index

Scanned Books

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