Internet Privacy Policy

Washington County is governed by the Public Record Laws as set forth in Chapter 19 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Washington County has determined that as a convenience to the public, certain public records may be provided in an electronic format via the Internet. Information provided via the Internet through the Washington County web site may also be available to the public at the Washington County government offices.

In recognition of the privacy interests of citizens in the community, Washington County has determined that it may be necessary to restrict the method of access to certain public records. As such, after a balancing of the competing interests of full disclosure of public information and recognizing the privacy concerns of citizens, searching for records by name will not be permitted, except as allowed by a contractual arrangement approved by the appropriate liaison committee of the County Board of Supervisors. Names will be displayed only as attributes of records searched using other methods. Full access to public records is available at various county government offices or by making an appropriate open record request pursuant to Chapter 19 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Information provided via this website is not intended to replace official sources or records