Downloadable Parcel Maps

Washington County Tax Maps

The office of the Real property Lister is responsible for maintaining parcel maps that are used in the assessment/taxation process. The maps accessible below, created with the assistance of the Geographic Information Systems Division, reflect 2018 tax parcels and do not include parcel splits that have occurred since January 1, 2019. Please see the Washington County interactive mapping application for current parcel information.

Following the link for a given township will bring up a list of section and/or quarter section maps for that township. All maps are in .pdf format and require the free Adobe Reader to view. Native map size is 36" x 40".

The maps included on this site should not be used for legal, survey, engineering, financial, tax or other professional advice. If specific or precise information is required, you should always use the original recorded documents, surveys, plats, flood insurance studies, or other official means. Washington County specifically disclaims liability for damages of any kind resulting from the misuse or misrepresentation of any information contained herein.

Washington County is not responsible for the tax listing of City of West Bend parcels. West Bend tax maps can be viewed at City of West Bend MapsThe tax maps for all other Washington County communities are included below.

T09N R18E Town of Erin
T09N R19E Village of Richfield(Part)
T09N R20E Town of Germantown and Village of Germantown
T10N R18E City of Hartford, Town of Hartford and Village of Slinger(Part)
T10N R19E Town of Polk, Village of Jackson(Part), Village of Richfield(Part), and Village of Slinger(Part)
T10N R20E Town of Jackson and Village of Jackson(Part)
T11N R18E Town of Addison
T11N R19E Town of Barton(Part), City of West Bend(Part), and Town of West Bend
T11N R20E Village of Newburg, Town of Tenton, and City of West Bend(Part)
T12N R18E Town of Wayne
T12N R19E Town of Barton(Part), Town of Kewaskum, and Village of Kewaskum
T12N R20E Town of Farmington