Tire Collection

Abandoned tires create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents.  Tires' oil and other chemicals can leach into the soil and groundwater causing contamination.  If they catch fire, burning tires releases noxious fumes that may contain carcinogens.  This event is an opportunity to get that old pile of tires recycled and disposed of properly.

No pre-registration required, however a maximum of 20 tires accepted per participant. A disposal cost per tire will apply. (see below)  For larger quantities call the office at 262.335.4800 to make other possible arrangements. 

Tire Collection Poster (pdf)

(includes tax)
Bicycle Tire
Tire < 16"
Tire 16"-19.5"
Tire > 19.5"
Front Tractor Tire
Rear Tractor Tire
Skid Loader Tire
Fork Lift Tire
End Loader or Spreader Tire
Combine Tire

*Fees DOUBLED when still on the rim.