POSP: Views of Facilities Survey

Surveyed Views of individuals who reserved a park facility in 2000 and 2001 in Washington County.

This report describes the experiences and assessments of individuals and families who reserved a park facility in a Washington County park between 2000 and 2001. The report identifies the facilities and features of the public parks in Washington County that facility users liked the "best" and the "least" and examines the rapport between park users and County staff. It also details how park users rate the current facilities, features, and reservation system.

The report's conclusions are drawn from the results of a mail survey of Washington County residents. The survey was designed by Survey Center and Washington County Planning and Parks Department Planning staff in consultation with the Park and Open Space Plan Technical Advisory Committee based on a prior survey conducted in 1996. The survey itself was conducted by the Center for Urban Initiatives and Research at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee during August 2002. One hundred sixty-one surveys were completed and returned for analysis.

Ninety four percent (94%) of respondents replied affirmatively when asked if the county staff was helpful while taking reservations.

Respondents were asked what type of facility they reserved (see below.)

Respondents were asked if the cost of reserving a park site was "about right, too high or too low" (see below.)

Twenty-eight percent (28%) suggested new amenities for the recreation facilities, such as volleyball courts, dog park, and playground equipment. Thirty-five percent (35%) noted suggestions concerning park amenities, such as providing additional benches and tables, and providing additional dumpsters and recycling containers.

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