CP: MJ Advisory Committee

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The purpose of the Advisory Committee was to oversee activities necessary to develop and implement a comprehensive plan as defined in Section 66.1001, Wis. Stats. Responsibilities included:

  • Overseeing the work of the three element workgroups and maintaining timeliness of major planning milestones.
  • Implementation of the public participation plan and work program.
  • Developing issues and opportunities element, intergovernmental cooperation element, and implementation element.
  • Monitoring the plan for consistency among communities, and guiding comprehensive plan implementation, including introduction of required resolutions and ordinance amendments.

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Multi-Jurisdictional Advisory Committee Members (2008)

Mathew Heiser, Chairperson - Village of Kewaskum
Ron Heinen, Vice-Chairperson - Town of Barton
Brian Bausch - County Board Supervisor
Brad Bautz - Town of Erin
Mike Becker - Farm Bureau
Phil Beitz - Village of Newburg Citizen
Jim Bennett - Town of Hartford
David Baldus - Agricultural, Natural, and Cultural Resources Workgroup Chairperson
Ellis Kahn - Town of Kewaskum
Ralph Eisenman - Town of Farmington
Ann Enright - Washington Board of Realtors
Shawn Graff - Ozaukee Washington Land Trust
Ron Hefter - Town of Addison
Willard Heppe - Town of Polk
Chris Kuehn - Housing, Utilities and Community Facilities and Economic Development
  Workgroup Chairperson
Jerry Priesgen - Land Use and Transportation Workgroup Chairperson
Dave Johnson - Nonmetallic Mining Representative
Scott Mathie - Metropolitan Builders Association
Paul Metz - Town of Germantown
Barb Renkas - City of West Bend Citizen
John Schultz - Town of Trenton Citizen
John Wald - Department of Natural Resources
Daniel Knodl - County Board Supervisor, PCPC
Michael Heili - Village of Newburg
Ed Doerr - Town of Trenton
Leander Herriges - Town of Wayne
David Nixon - UWWC