CP: Land Use, Trans Workgroup

LUT Workgroup Page The purpose of this workgroup was to focus on the development of the land use element and transportation element. Responsibilities included:

  • Analyzing and reviewing trends, inventories, and forecasts pertaining to land use and transportation issues.
  • Developing preliminary recommendations for the Land Use Element and Transportation Element.


Land Use and Transportation Elements Workgroup Members (2008)

Jerry Priesgen, Chairperson - West Bend Area Builders Association
John Stern, Vice-Chairperson - County Board Supervisor, PCPC
Dennis Panicucci - Town of Hartford
Margaret Burlingham - Rock River Coalition
Tom Calenberg - Applied Manufacturing Cluster Council
Dan DeThorne - City of West Bend Citizen
Ed Doerr - Town of Trenton
Mike Dricken - Town of Barton
Dan Wolf - Town of Addison
Eric Gilbert - Nonmetallic Mining Representative
Vicki Heideman - Town of Kewaskum
Susan Touchett - Village of Richfield Citizen
Barb Kohler - Town of Erin
Paul Metz - Town of Germantown
Tom Nelson - West Bend Trailblazers
Mark Peters - Town of Polk
Mark Pamperin - Town of Wayne
Art Seyfert - Town of Farmington
Jeff Walters - Washington County Board of Realtors
Michael Heili - Village of Newburg
Charlene Brady - County Board Supervisor, PCPC
Frank Beesten - Village of Kewaskum