Comprehensive Plan Chapters

"A Multi-jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan for Washington County: 2035" was adopted on April 15, 2008 by the Washington County Board of Supervisors.

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Chapter Title
Cover and Table of Contents
I Introduction and Background
II Population, Household, and Employment Trends and Projections
III Inventory of Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources
IV Inventory of Existing Land Uses and Transportation Facilities and Services
V Inventory of Existing Utilities and Community Facilities
VI Existing Plans and Ordinances: 2006
VII Issues and Opportunities Element
VIII Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources Element
IX Land Use Element
--Washington County Land Use Plan: 2035 (Map)
X Housing Element
XI Transportation Element
XII Utilities and Community Facilities Element
XIII Economic Development Element
XIV Intergovernmental Cooperation Element
XV Implementation Element
XVI Summary

Appendix A Public Participation
Appendix B County and Local Government Resolutions to Participate in the Multi-Jurisdictional Planning Process
Appendix C Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes
Appendix D Local Government, School District, and privately owned
Park and Open Space Sites in Washington County: 2007
Appendix E Codes for Year 2000 Land Use Maps in Chapter IV
Appendix F Draft Goals and Objectives Developed by Partnering Communities
Appendix G Zoning Tables for Local Government Partners
Appendix H Summary of Land Use Related Extraterritorial Authorities
Appendix I Responses to Comprehensive Planning Telephone Survey in Washington County
Appendix J Washington County Visioning Workshop Results
Appendix K Town of Germantown Comprehensive Plan
Appendix L Households with Housing Problems for Each Participating Local Government
Appendix M Households with a High Cost Burden for Each Participating Local Government
Appendix N Washington County Economic Development Strategic Plan: 2006-2007
Appendix O Economic Development Programs and Grants Available in Washington County
Appendix P Dispute Resolution Rules and Bylaws
Appendix Q Comparison of Local and County Land Use Plan Categories
Appendix R County Board Resolution Approving the Comprehensive Plan
Appendix S County Board Ordinance Adopting the Comprehensive Plan