CP: Countywide Survey

Countywide Survey February 2006

The Washington County Planning and Parks Department in partnership with SEWRPC,
UW-Extension, the Village of Kewaskum, and Towns of Addison, Barton, Erin, Farmington, Germantown, Hartford, Kewaskum, Polk, Trenton, and Wayne developed a countywide survey to gather opinions on various issues regarding the nine elements and fourteen goals of comprehensive planning.

The survey was a random sample telephone survey developed by the comprehensive planning advisory committee with the assistance of a consultant and the comprehensive planning element workgroups. The random sample constituted a sample population of County residents selected randomly and considered statistically significant, meaning that the results are very likely to represent the views of the entire County population.

This survey asked questions regarding such issues as housing, transportation, land use, economic development, agriculture, natural resources, cultural resources, utilities, and community facilities. The results of this survey will guide the comprehensive planning advisory committee and element workgroups in crafting a comprehensive plan.

The survey was conducted in February, 2006.

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