CP: Ag, Nat, & Cul Res Workgroup

The purpose of this workgroup was to focus on the development of the Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources Element. Responsibilities included:

  • Analyzing and reviewing trends, inventories, and forecasts pertaining to agricultural, natural and cultural resource issues.
  • Developing preliminary recommendations for the Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources Element.


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Agricultural, Natural, and Cultural Resources Element Workgroup Members (2008)

David Baldus, Chairperson - Town of Polk Citizen
Daniel Schmidt - Town of Kewaskum
Rod Bartlow - Ice Age Trail Foundation
Robert Bingen - Town of Addison
Ross Bishop - Agribusiness Cluster Council
Norbert Dettmann - Landmarks Committee
Dale Dhein - Town of Germantown
Kevin Dittmar - Metropolitan Builders Association
Keith Kriewaldt - Town of Wayne
Albert Schulteis - Town of Polk
Mary Krumbiegel - County Board Supervisor
Sue Millin - Land Conservation Partnership
Andy Pesch - Village of Kewaskum
Joe Peters - Town of Barton
Ike Roell - Town of Farmington
Helmut Wagner - Town of Erin
Roger Walsh - Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District
Michael Heili - Village of Newburg
Richard Beine - Town of Hartford
Melvin Ewert - County Board Supervisor, Planning Conservation and Parks Committee
Marilyn John- Town of Trenton