Tree Program - Prairie Seed

Five prairie seed packages (pdf) are available year round: Prairie Grass, Wildflower, Dry Prairie, Medium-Dry Tall Prairie and Wet SiteEach have been designed to reintroduce a variety of native plants that use to dominate the open landscape in southern Wisconsin before modern times. These plants are not only colorful, but also offer habitat for a variety of wildlife. Many species, including songbirds and butterflies, thrive in the food and cover offered by a native prairie.

Each package contains a well-balanced blend of the seed species listed. Growers are recommended to follow the detailed planting instructions that are provided with each order.
To determine the soils on your property or which prairie seed packages are suitable for your site... select Soil Classification on the main page.

  • Prairie packages are sold by the pound only. However the Wildflower Package may also be ordered in ¼ and ½ pound amounts.
  • Large orders that will be seeded mechanically with a drill will contain 1 lb. of oats with each 1 lb. of prairie seed. The oats will serve as a cover crop to prevent soil erosion.
  • 1 pound of prairie mix will cover 3,000 - 4,000 square feet of area (about 10 lbs./acre), except for the Wildflower Only Package, which will cover about 2,000 sq. ft./1 lb.
  • Planting site must be free of live vegetation. Detailed planting and maintenance instructions will be provided.
  • A no-till seed drill is available for rent from the DNR Pike Lake Station. Call Angie Rusch @ 414.303.0111 for details.

Establishing A Prairie (pdf)

For prairie sites of 1 acre or more... please contact the Land Conservation Office for special seed mixes developed for larger plantings.