Tree Program - Bluebird, Bat & Butterfly Houses

The following items are available throughout the year:

Bluebird House

The beautiful Eastern Bluebird population has experienced a rebound due to the efforts of many people who have provided nesting boxes on their private property. This uniquely designed bluebird house is a favored house for bluebirds. It has easy entry and good ventilation. For the bluebirder it is easy to monitor and to open for cleaning. Stain or paint the handmade bluebird house to your liking – (made with pine and hardboard wood). No assembly required.

Bat House

The bat houses are made with rough-sawn Maine White Pine. These rough surfaces are what give the bat something to hang onto. They are open at the bottom to avoid birds nesting in them and require no maintenance what so ever. Help cut down mosquito and other bothersome insect populations around your home for one bat will eat hundreds of insects at each nightly feeding.

Butterfly House

Butterflies are nature's gift to the garden! Not only do they pollinate flowers, but they add their unique and colorful beauty to the yard. This attractive rich wood hibernation house will protect them from predators, provide night & over-wintering shelter and encourage increased butterfly population. The house hangs on a post or tree in light shade. No assembly is required.