Nutrient Management Class

2019 Farmer Workshop
The Land & Water Conservation Division will host a 1-day Nutrient Management Workshop in early March 2019. Class will be offered during the day. If you have questions contact Stephanie at (262) 335-4804.

Who benefits from the nutrient management workshop?? Your pocketbook, your crops, and the environment. Producers are educated on how to credit on farm nutrient sources with commercial fertilizers to meet crop needs.

Farmers are welcome to contact our office at ANY TIME to work one on one with their NM plan!

What Is Needed For My Nutrient Management Plan?

Soil Sample Data from a State Certified Lab
Animal Numbers and Manure Production
Winter Spreading Plan
Manure Spreader Calibration
Commercial Fertilizers Planned
Updated Conservation Plan

Upon completion of this course and the development of an initial nutrient management plan, you will become self-certified as a nutrient management planner for your farm.