Conservation Opportunities

No-Till & Residue Management $25.00/Ac $1,000/farmer
(40 Ac)
For beginning no-tillers, primarily for converting conventional to no-till.
Fall Cover Crop Establishment $25.00/Ac $1,000/farmer
(40 Ac)
Fall cover crop left in place overwinter.
Grassed Waterways  $.50/Ft None Minimum 15' wide, need based on review of historic photos.
Nutrient Management (new land) $5.00/Ac $800/farmer
(160 Ac)
Soil samples meet NM590, farmer must attend self certification class, ag recs submitted for growing season.
Conservation Farm $1.00/Ac $500/farmer
(500 Ac)
Cedar Creek Farmers and LCD staff certify that the operation fully incorporates all above practices and is generally considered a good local conservation farm.

Practice Document Form (pdf)
2019 Conservation Practice Contract (pdf)

Important Notes:

  • *New farmers/new applicants will take precedence over repeat contract holders in 2019. A lower payment rate (50%) will be offered of the remaining 2019 dollars to those who previously applied for, and received maximum amount for, the same practice in 2018.

  • Funding is contingent upon inspection by members of the Cedar Creek Farmers and County Land and Water Conservation staff. Inspection is to ensure successful implementation of the practice and that the practice meets the goals of the project.
  • The majority of the land enrolled for practice payment (>50%) must be located within the Cedar Creek Watershed.
  • Practices and incentive payments other than those listed above maybe considered and approved by the Cedar Creek Farmers provided the practice improves water quality and /or soil health and is within the ability of the Producer-Led Group program rules.
  • The Cedar Creek Farmers Producer-Led Group reserves the right to deny payment and participation into the program.   

Rev (2/4/2019)

Producers will be selected on a first come, first served basis until the funding has been used up.
Applications not selected based on lack of funds will receive priority for future funding.