Storm Water Management Program

The following provides information on Washington County’s Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) and is intended to be a living document on how the county will meet its requirements of Wisconsin Administrative Rule NR 216 and its WPDES MS4 permit. This plan establishes activities and programs, and provides a schedule for implementation that aligns with the compliance and implementation schedule of the MS4 Permit.

Washington County's SWMP highlights the following permit compliance requirements and activities:

  • Public Education & Outreach
  • Public Involvement & Participation
  • Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination
  • Construction Site Pollution Control
  • Post-Construction Storm Water Management
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Storm Water Quality Management
  • Storm Sewer System Maps
  • Impaired Waters TMDL Implementation

Supplements to:

Attachment "C" - Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Guidance (pdf)
Attachment "C"-Part 1 - Illicit Discharge Inspection Outfall 1-25 (pdf)
Attachment "C"-Part 2 - Illicit Discharge Inspection Outfall 26-47 (pdf)
Attachment "F" - Pollution Prevention Plan (pdf)
Attachment "G" - WinSLAMM Modeling (pdf)
Attachment "I" - Impaired Water bodies and TMDL (pdf)
Exhibit: TMDL Map Reachshed 20 (pdf)
Exhibit: TMDL Map Reached 23 & 55 (pdf)

A municipal separate storm sewer system or MS4 means a conveyance or system of conveyances including roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, constructed channels or storm drains, which meet the following criteria: 1) owned or operated by a municipality, 2) designed or used for collecting or conveying storm water, 3) is not a combined sewer conveying both sanitary and storm water, and 4) is not part of a publicly owned wastewater treatment works that provides secondary or more stringent treatment.

Property Site Maps (pdfs)
Fuel Island
Homestead Hollow Park
Samaritan-Annex 4
Slinger Highway Shop
University of WI - Washington County Campus
West Bend Highway Shop

Pollution Prevention Property Inspection Forms (pdf)

Countywide Map (large pdf)
Storm Sewer Systems

An important aspect of a Storm Water Management Program is identifying where stormwater enters surface waters, these are referred as MS4 Outfalls, the following map identifies specific know outfalls and drainage area associated with County Highways.
Outfall Maps (pdf)

Annual Reports (pdfs)

Contact Paul Sebo - County Conservationist with any additional questions, to report a suspected violator, or to provide input on the county's storm water program.

Phone: 262.335.4805