Eisenbahn State Trail History

  • 1871 - constructed by the Chicago & North Western Co.
  • 1988 - purchased by Fox Valley & Western Ltd.
  • 1999 - FVW filed for abandonment from Rusco to Eden
  • Rail corridor is owned by the State of Wisconsin under a federal program which "banks" or preserves the corridor for potential future rail use,
    but allows the corridor to be developed for recreation uses at this time.
  • Eisenbahn is German for "iron road", harkening back to this rail line's heritage.
  • April 2006 - Washington County completed construction of the bridges and limestone screening trail surface and opened the trail to the public.
  • 2007 - the City of West Bend paved approximately 5 miles of the trail from Rusco Road to Barton.

In 2004, the Department of Natural Resources entered into an agreement with Washington County to develop and maintain approximately 12 miles of the 24 miles of abandoned rail corridor on the former C & NW Rail Road right-of-way that extends from the City of West Bend, Washington County to Eden in Fond du Lac County. The Washington County trail segment extends from Rusco Road south of the City of West Bend north to the Washington/Fond du Lac County line.