Survey Help

What is the purpose of this site?

State Statute 59.60(6) requires a copy of completed surveys be furnished to the County and kept in the files of the County Surveyor. This application was developed to make those surveys more accessible to residents of, and professionals working in, Washington County. An added benefit of scanning the surveys was providing a means for backing up the records and a way to recover from a disaster.

How do you enter information for a location (Public Land Survey System) search?

In a location search, all four fields are required. Use the pull-downs provided or type a valid Township, Range, Section, and Quarter Section. In Washington County, all townships are north of the base line and all ranges are east of the principle meridian. The directionals are assumed and not entered when performing a search. It is not possible to search for surveys in a larger area by leaving one or more fields blank. For example, it is not possible to omit the quarter section criteria to search for all surveys within an entire section.

How do you enter information for a Parcel Search?

Both the municipality and parcel number are required when performing a parcel search. Tax keys are found on tax bills, notice of assessments, and other documents. An example of a tax key, as printed on a tax bill, is T11 0090 00A. To search for surveys relating to this parcel, use the pull-down provided to select T11 as the Municipality and type 009000A for the Parcel Number. When entering the parcel number include the leading zeros, but do not include any dashes or spaces.

How do you enter information for an Address Search?

House number, street name and zip code are required when performing an address search. The prefix directional is not required and should only be used for those streets requiring it (i.e. East Washington St.). For most addresses, the street prefix directional box will be left blank. (displays as SELECT)

Enter the house number with no spaces. Do not enter apartment or unit numbers. When searching for an address in the Village of Jackson or Village of Germantown, include the entire house number (i.e. N112W17001).

When entering the street name, use the type ahead option with the pick list to avoid misspellings or problems with abbreviations (Av compared to Ave). County Highways are entered as CTY TK A. State Highways are entered as HY 28.

When I search by Parcel or Address, why do I get surveys for other parcels/addresses?

When searching by Parcel or Address, the search results will include all surveys for the quarter section in which the parcel/address is located. For parcels spanning multiple quarter sections, the results for all quarter sections should display. Providing the results in this way will include surveys for neighboring parcels and retired parcels occupying the same space as the searched parcel/address. Surveys exactly matching the searched tax key or address should be highlighted in the list.

Why canít I find surveys for Parcels in the Village of Richfield?

On Jan 1, 2008 the Town of Richfield incorporated and became the Village of Richfield. When this happened the municipal code for all parcels in Richfield was changed from T10 to V10. The parcel numbers were not changed. All surveys covering Richfield, regardless of when it was created, will include the V10 municipal code. If searching for a Richfield parcel that has a T10 municipal code, simply change the code to V10 and try the search again.

Why canít I view a scanned image for Subdivisions, Condominiums and Certified Survey Maps (CSM)?

Subdivisions, Condominiums, and CSMs are recorded documents and accessible in the Register of Deeds Office or on-line using the Landshark portal (normal fees apply). The index information for these recorded surveys are included here as a convenience to the user. By including the index, someone searching the County Surveyor files is alerted to recorded survey(s) that are available for the userís area of interest. Although a link to the survey itself cannot be provided, a link to the Landshark application where the image can be obtained is included.

I know there is a survey for my parcel, why canít I find it?

If a survey was created before the filing requirement statute was approved, the survey will not be included in this index. It is possible the survey is included, but the address was not known or the tax key changed since the survey was filed. The tax key and address information entered into the index is current at the time the survey is filed. Tax keys and addresses are not updated as parcels are split/combined and new addresses assigned. When this occurs the survey will be in the list of surveys for the quarter section, but not highlighted as an exact match. Although rare, it is also possible the survey was misfiled or the surveyor completing the survey did not submit a copy to the County.

Iíd like a copy of a survey, but the survey is larger than I am able to print. What options are available?

Paper versions of these surveys are maintained and can be viewed the Washington County Real Property Lister Office. Photocopies can be obtained for a nominal charge.