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Child Care Assistance
Help is available for low income families who need child care for employment. Families must meet financial guidelines to be eligible. The childcare provider must be a licensed group or family center or be a certified provider. Parents pay part of the cost of day care based on family size, the number of children in day care, the type of provider used and family gross income. Payments are made directly to the day care provider through a state payment system.
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National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center
Choosing Child Care

Energy Assistance
The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) helps eligible households pay for heating costs. Eligibility is determined by the total gross income received three months prior to application, the number of persons in the household, and heating costs. Emergency services are available during the heating season (Oct-May). Emergency services may include purchasing heating fuel or services, providing a warm place to stay, or providing help with furnace repair or replacement. Proactive services are available on a year-round basis to provide help in budgeting for energy expenses and information on how to reduce heating costs. There is also weatherization service available to qualified households.

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Food Share
Food Share is issued monthly to eligible persons to purchase edible items. The food share household must pass both non-financial and financial eligibility tests in order to receive food share. Eligibility is based on household size, income, shelter and child care expenses, and also, for elderly and disabled persons, medical expenses. Food Share is issued through an EBT card (like a debit/credit card) called a Quest Card.

Call 262-335-4677 to apply for a family with children under the age of 19 or call 262-335-4510 for an adult age 19 or older.

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FoodShare Eligibility

General Assistance
General Assistance provides a limited benefit for living expenses and medical care to persons who are without significant income and assets. The program is short term, with a limitation of 3 months in any 12 month period unless the person is waiting a disability decision from Social Security. Able-bodied recipients are required to participate in employment programs. You must live in Washington County 6 months prior to receiving assistance and a citizen of the United States. 

   -Repayment of General Assistance may be required in the future

   -Vouchers are paid directly to vendors instead of the recipient

Call 262-335-4677 for a family with minor children or 262-335-4510 for an adult.



Medical Assistance
The Medical Assistance Program, also called Medicaid, Title 19 or Healthy Start, pays for medical care of individuals and families that meet income and asset guidelines.

Potentially eligible income adults:

   -SSI recipients

   -Persons 65 or older or blind or disabled

   -Persons residing in institutions or nursing homes

The Medical Assistance Program pays for medical care for eligible people. Eligibility is based on your family's gross (before taxes) income. There is an asset limit for some Medical Assistance Programs. Eligible recipients receive an EBT card called a Forward Card (like a debit/credit card) which is used to pay for all necessary medical expenses. Some services require co-payment. If you are under-insured and/or don't have health coverage you may be eligible for Medical Assistance.

For a family with children under the age of 19 call (262)335-4677 or for an Adult call (262)335-4510.

Wisconsin Medicaid Providers
Healthy Start

Wisconsin Works (W-2)
The primary purpose of Wisconsin Works (W-2) is to prepare eligible parents, who are not job ready to help them provide for their families and become self sufficient members of the community in which they live. Participants receive wages from employment or a monthly payment for performing assigned work activities. Participants may also receive assistance in paying for childcare, transportation and other employment related needs. Cooperation with the Child Support Agency is a requirement of the W-2 program. Families must pass an income and asset test.

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