County Site Redevelopment Program

Site Redevelopment Program WI DNR Brownfields Study Group Presentation - 9/15/17

Washington County Site Redevelopment Program


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on May 28, 2014 that Washington County received a Brownfield Assessment Grant totaling $600,000.

In 2013, Washington County formed a coalition with the City of Hartford, City of West Bend, Village of Jackson, Village of Richfield and Village of Slinger to apply for an EPA Brownfield Coalition Assessment Grant for Hazardous Substance and Petroleum Brownfields. The grant funds will be used to complete a community-wide inventory and prioritization of sites that have redevelopment potential within the County, perform Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments on priority sites. 

In 2017, the USEPA announced that Washington County was successful in securing a second USEPA Countywide Coalition Brownfield Assessment Grant totaling $600,000 to fund an update of the community-wide inventory and site prioritization, perform Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments on priority sites, complete remedial action plans and redevelopment plans for select sites, and perform community outreach and education.

Click here to view the story for Saxony Village, another successful redevelopment.

Success Stories

The successes of the County Site Redevelopment Program are directly related to the work that is contributed by the partners who are involved. Site redevelopment collaboration partners consist of local governments and organizations such as Economic Development Washington County, Wisconsin DNR, and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Below are a few former contaminated and unused industrial sites, that have now been transformed into economically thriving areas of the community, and are success stories of the Washington County Site Redevelopment Program.  

Meeting Agendas and Minutes - 2017
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Meeting Minutes March 21, 2017
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March 21, 2017 Funding Request - General Reallocation
Funding Request - City of Hartford - Northern Bookends
Program Photo Fact Sheet - 2016 Program Highlights
Site Redevelopment Program Fact Sheet 3-20-17
April 12, 2016 Site Selection Memo to SRC from December 3, 2015
Funding Request - Village of Slinger - E H Wolf & Sons
Funding Request - City of West Bend - Former Bermico Site
Funding Request - City of West Bend - Former Blaine Property
September 29, 2015 Site Redevelopment Program Information and Overview
November 12, 2015 Overview of the Site Inventory Approach and Process
Overview of the Site Prioritization Approach and Process
SRP Presentation - November 2015
Draft Criteria and Scoring
December 10, 2015 SRP Summary Memo
Site Selection Memo
SRP Presentation - December 2015


Meeting Agendas and Minutes - 2013 and 2014
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September 13, 2018 - Brownfields Summit: Rock Falls IL

May 22, 2018

December 15, 2017

Economic Development Washington County


Project Reports

Village of Richfield

Village of Jackson

Village of Slinger

 Town of West Bend

FY2014 U.S. EPA Quarterly Reports
FY2017 U.S. EPA Quarterly Reports

 Fact Sheets

Site Redevelopment Steering Committee (SRC)

In an effort to effectively redevelop and revitalize selected sites throughout the County, a Site Redevelopment Steering Committee was formed to provide input into the grant application and implementation of the grant. SRC members include:

Ray Heidtke SRC Chair/Town of Jackson Chairperson
Frank Carr County Board Supervisor
Mark Piotrowicz City Planner - City of West Bend
Justin Drew City Planner - City of Hartford
Jessi Balcolm Administrator - Village of Slinger
Lisa Maylen Workforce Development Center
Curt Pitzen NAI MLG Commercial
Christian Tscheschlok Executive Director EDWC
Jim Healy Administrator - Village of Richfield
John Walther Administrator - Village of Jackson
Site Selection

In preparing for the grant application, Coalition partners selected priority sites based on the following Site Selection Criteria:

  • The presence of known or suspected environmental contamination - threats to public health
  • The redevelopment potential and marketability of the site
  • Community goals and the extent to which redevelopment furthers goals
  • Quality of life factors (potential to eliminate blight and enhance community livability)
  • Environmental justice considerations - disproportionate impact on sensitive or at-risk populations

The initial target areas for funding are five high priority revitalization sites identified by the Coalition partners. All of the sites are within the oldest portions of each urban area, several with historic development dating to the mid-1800's.

  • City of Hartford - Northern Bookends - these properties are located in the downtown area, between the railroad and East State Street.
  • City of West Bend - Former Bermico and former Blaine properties. These properties are located between the Milwaukee River and the Eisenbahn StateTrail.
  • Village of Jackson - Center Street Redevelopment Area which includes 10 parcels within the historic center of the Village of Jackson.
  • Village of Richfield - Historic Highway 175/Village of Richfield Area which includes parcels north of Highway 167 and west of HIghway 41.
  • Village of Slinger - Former Niphos Coating Facility which was subject to an emergency removal action by the EPA to address more than 8,800 gallons of hazardous chemicals that were abandoned in the building.

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