COURT ACTIONS The first court action is the order for child support. Once a person has been ordered to pay child support, our Agency has the responsibility to enforce the order. Court action is one method used to enforce orders. Other enforcement methods available to the Child Support Agency are listed under ENFORCEMENT. You can check for upcoming court hearings at: Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA)
ORDERS TO SHOW CAUSE One of the initial court actions often taken is an Order to Show Cause - Seek Work. This is an order for the payer to make specific efforts to obtain employment so that child support payments can be made. The Child Support Agency is responsible to monitor compliance with OSC - Seek Work orders of the court. After a Seek Work Order is rendered, a Review of Seek Work is scheduled. This is so the court can follow up on compliance with the Seek Work Order. If the person has not found work yet, but is compliant with the search, a FURTHER PROCEEDING may be scheduled to continue to monitor progress. The Workforce Development Center has excellent resources for people looking for work in Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties. Contact them at (262) 335- 5300, or visit them at: http://www.wfdc.org/. For a listing of the Job Center near you, call (888)258-9966 or visit: http://www.wisconsinjobcenter.org/