MODIFICATION, REVIEW AND ADJUSTMENT A Modification of an order is a court ordered change. This change is a result of a substantial change in circumstances since the original order was rendered. A Review is a procedure to look at an existing child support order. The review is done by the county child support agency upon request of either parent. A review can be requested by any party to the case at any time. Every three years, the child support agency will notify both parents of their right to ask for a review of their child support order. An Adjustment will be pursued IF the review shows a substantial change in circumstances (for example, the paying parent's employer closes down, or the paying parent has a new job and is making a lot more money). The change in the child support amount must be greater than 15% of the current order, or the difference must be more than $50.00 each month, to be deemed substantial by our agency. An adjustment of an order requires a new order. This can be done by PRO SE Stipulation and Order, which is an agreement between the parties of a case. The form is available to download free. A Modification Order requires a motion of the court, which can be done by the Child Support Agency or by a party of the case (PRO SE motion). You may request a PRO SE Modification Packet by contacting the Washington County Clerk of Court at (262) 335-4341, or by coming to the Clerk of Court's office in person. The parent requesting the Motion must pay a fee of $30.00 to the Clerk of Courts.
To get the fee waived, the parent can fill out a Petition for Waiver of Fees . Remember, the responsibility for supporting a child rests with the parents of the child. A step-parent has no legal duty to support the children of his/her new spouse. A court cannot make a step-parent responsible for the costs of raising your child.