ENFORCEMENT Court action is one method used for enforcement of orders. Some other methods include Lien Docket, License Suspension, Passport Denial, and Account Seizure. More information on each of these methods is available at: CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES. When a payer falls behind on payments and accumulates arrears, interest is charged at the rate of 0.5% per month on any amount in arrears that is equal to or greater than the child support due in one month. This is by State statute. If arrears accumulate high enough, the case may become eligible for Tax Intercept. A tax intercept is the withholding of a tax refund (all or part) to be applied to child support debts. A financial worker at the Child Support Agency can answer questions you may have regarding Tax Intercept. There is also more information regarding the Tax Intercept Program at: TAX INTERCEPT; NOTICES