Under the direction of the County Attorney, the Child Support Agency obtains, monitors, and enforces child support orders in cases where parents are separated, divorced, unmarried, or when children are placed in foster care.

When children receive public funds (Child Care, Medical Assistance), the case is automatically referred to the Child Support Agency by the Human Services Department. The Child Support Agency then attempts to recover from the non-custodial parent, for taxpayers, the value of the public assistance which has been provided. In non-aid cases, the Child Support Agency will provide assistance to custodial parents upon application. To obtain an application, please call us or go to: Child Support Applications

When a child is born to parents who are not married, the Child Support Agency will prosecute paternity actions to see that the father is legally named and that the child support and all expenses related to the birth of the child are paid.

The Child Support Agency reviews support orders for modification and pursues collection of child support arrearages through actions which include court orders, income withholding, liens, money judgments, and intercept of State and Federal income tax refunds and lottery winnings. You will find more information regarding these topics further down this page.

The Child Support Agency cannot give legal advice. You may wish to contact Lawyer Referral & Information Service at 800-362-9082, or Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. at 800-236-1128.

The Child Support Agency does not accept child support payments. Payments must be made payable to WI SCTF and be sent to the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund Box 74200 Milwaukee, WI 53274-0200. The phone number is (800) 991-5530.

You can check your payments on-line at:, and you can also sign up for Direct Deposit.

The Child Support Agency is not able to provide assistance with custody or placement issues. Please contact Mediation Services at (262) 335-4838.

It is important that you keep us up to date with any change in Address, Phone Number, or Employment Updates. Please call us at (262) 335-4377 to provide this information.