Operation Afghan Lift

Operation Afghan Lift

What is needed mostly is children's clothing. Items do not need to be new but in good condition. Other needs are all sorts of toys.

The Post Office has cartons of about 25 boxes. These are free as they have on them "APO" for a destination. The cost for sending each box is $11.95. It doesn't matter how much the box weighs so get as much in a box as you can. Get posters out to merchants, schools, PTA, libraries and even churches. All items will go the hospital in Bagram for distribution to other hospitals. You can also send needs for our soldiers (i.e., toiletries, books and snacks). Our troops have proven that this works.

On the box ship to:
         American Red Cross
         Attn:  Carol Porxee
         Bagram AF
         APO AE 09354

On the "Customs Declaration Form" enter the post address:
         TO:  American Red Cross
         Address:  Bagram AF
         Country:  09354

On the "contents section" put down stuffed animals or candies, etc. You do not have to list the quantity, but keep a list in case it's needed.  Check "#5" gift, #6 airmail, #13 sign and date.

On the upper right corner of the box, enter the items listed on the "customs" form and enter the names/addresses on the side of the box in case the troops want to respond. 

The following are requested items:

*small toy trucks or cars 
*small dolls & stuffed animals
*coloring books
*hand held computer games
*picture books
*pencils & paper
*usable shoes
*combs & brushes
*small hand mirrors
*most any type of toiletry                     

If you have any questions, please call (608) 254-5235.