Washington County Planning & Parks Geocache Placement Guidelines

  • To place a physical or virtual cache, you must have prior written permission from the Assistant Administrator for Golf and Parks. For each cache location, complete a separate Permit Request Form.
    Geocaching is not allowed in: Lizard Mound County Park, the Washington County Golf Course, or other sensitive areas that the Assistant Administrator determines cannot tolerate human traffic including but not limited to: stream banks, wetlands, prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, unique geological features, steep slopes, areas containing plants that are hazardous to humans or other unsafe areas.
  • Place a cache close to trails and use only existing trail corridors for travel to the cache location.
  • Caches may not be buried. Caches may be placed under leaves, rocks or logs.
  • Caches may not be affixed to any structure or building by any means.
  • Caches should be placed at eye level or lower so that children can reach caches without climbing.
  • If possible, caches should be labeled clearly with the word "Geocache" on the outside of the container.
  • The owner/placer of the cache must monitor the location of the cache at a minimum of 4 times per year.

The following items are not permitted in a physical geocache:
     Knives or weapons of any kind
     Illegal items
     Materials restricted from minors such as tobacco, alcohol or other
     harmful substances

Geocache Removal or moving

  • If you wish to move or remove a cache, you must complete a new Permit Request Form, and you must remove the cache location from any and all websites identifying the location of the cache or provide new information about the new location of the cache.
  • The owner / placer of the cache may leave the cache at the permitted location for no more than 2 years. After removal, the owner / placer is responsible for returning the site to its original condition to the satisfaction of the Assistant Admin. for Golf & Parks.
  • The Assistant Admin. for Golf & Parks may at any time remove or require the cache to be removed or moved if he/she decides that there is an unacceptable hazard to humans, an unacceptable level of damage to the environment or it is not in compliance with policy. The Assistant Admin. will make a reasonable effort to notify the owner/placer of a removed cache.
  • Any found cache that has not been approved by the Assistant Admin. of Golf and Parks may be removed by Park staff.