Beach Water Testing

The Health Department monitors the level of E. coli in the water at local county park beaches on a weekly basis between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Water samples are taken from Ackerman's Grove beach on Little Cedar Lake, Leonard Yahr Park beach, and Sandy Knoll County Park beach.

There is always some level of risk associated with swimming in lakes, and while E. coli levels have been correlated with cases of disease in humans, people can also get sick from other organisms in lake water. Higher levels of E. coli are typically discovered following heavy rains.

The monitoring program is intended to inform people of relative levels of safety only. Samples are taken once a week, in one location. A sign will be posted if E. coli is found above the advisory level of 235 CFU/100mL, indicating an increased risk of swimmer-related illness. A beach will be closed for swimming if E. coli is found above 1000 CFU/100mL.

Water sample results from local beaches are posted on the website, and you may access those results here . Frequently asked questions about beach water monitoring are answered here. If you have questions about a municipal swimming facility, please contact the municipality where it is located.