On-Line Land Information Resources

Washington County Land Information On-Line Resources

The following list highlights resources Washington County developed to distribute land information over the Internet. These resources are provided as a convenience to those requiring access to land information in Washington County. The information included is public records as set forth in Chapter 19 of the Wisconsin Statutes. See the land information internet privacy policy and internet disclaimer for additional information.

Interactive Mapping Applications

The interactive mapping applications are maintained by the Geographic Information Systems Division of Washington County. The data contained within is maintained by the GIS Division with the assistance of many Washington County Departments.

Washington County has a traditional site with many layers and functions, but is also working to create simpler task specific sites. These newer applications are designed to facilitate a specific task or workflow.

The interactive mapping websites are one means where the data maintained by the GIS Division is made available to the public. The applications are offered free of charge. The parcel searches are available in a text-only version for those only interested in the tax reports and do not want the added overhead of the map.

Tax Inquiry

This website was created by the Washington County Treasurer with help from the Geographic Information Systems Division and the Real Property Lister.

Search for information by tax key. Information returned for the searched parcel includes:

  • Owner, mailing address, and physical address
  • Land, improvement, total, and market values
  • Taxes for current and previous years
  • Tax receipting information
  • Short legal description
  • Taxing districts (fire, school, technical college, etc...)
  • Assessment classes
  • Images of tax bills
  • Delinquent tax calculator

The searches, reports, and tax bills are available at no charge.

The tax inquiry is available as a stand-alone application, but is also accessible through the Interactive Mapping Application. Querying or selecting a parcel on the interactive map provides a link to the tax inquiry information for that parcel.

Recorded Real Estate Records (LandShark)

This website is maintained by the Washington County Register of Deeds. LandShark is a web-based tool for the location and retrieval of land record documents recorded by the Register of Deeds. Land Shark provides for two types of users:

    Occasional Users: the document number index and images of real estate documents from January of 1945 to the present and the computer tract index of legal descriptions from March 16, 1998 to the present are available. Searching using the tract index (legal description) or document number index is at no charge (registration required). There is a cost ($2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page) to view the scanned documents. Fees are payable by credit card or deducted from an established escrow account.
    Daily Users: Includes access to the grantor/grantee index search in addition to all 'occasional user' functionality. Daily users are required to sign an agreement and pay a subscription fee.

Plats of Survey

This website was created by the Washington County Surveyor with help from the Geographic Information Systems Division and Real Property Lister.

Registered land surveyors are required by state statute to provide a copy of all completed surveys to the County Surveyor. In Washington County this repository is located in the Real Property Lister Office. The nearly 30,000 surveys in this collection have been scanned, indexed, and made available on-line.

Lists of surveys are returned by quarter section. Users can search by quarter section or by entering an address or tax key. The searches, as well as the scanned documents, are available at no charge.

Highway Plans

This resource was created by the Highway Department with help from the Washington County Surveyor and the Geographic Information Systems Division.

This listing contains all digital plans available in the Highway Department archives. For County Highways the list is believed to be complete. While we provide some Federal and State Highway and Local Road plans, we only have those available that were provided to us. For State or Local projects, your primary resource should be the governing entity for the project.

Related Land Information On-Line Resources

In addition to the applications produced by Washington County, related applications have been produced by other units over government, utilities, and commercial providers. Two applications that fill particular gaps in what the County provides are detailed below. The GIS Division links page provides a listing of additional resources.

Public Land Survey System Documents

This website was created and is hosted by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC).

Search for records of U.S. Public Land Survey System (USPLSS) control stations (commonly identified as dossier sheets) containing information about the monumented corners of the Public Land Survey System in the Southeastern Wisconsin Region.

Also search for Control Survey Summary Diagrams (CSSDs) containing information collated and summarized from high-order horizontal and vertical control surveys conducted for much of the Southeastern Wisconsin Region.

Washington County contributes dossier sheets to this clearinghouse when created.

Local Land Information Websites