Jury Information


Jury duty is the obligation of every citizen. “Forgetting” to show up is not an excuse. In fairness to jurors who do show up for jury duty, those who do not appear are held accountable for their actions.  Failure to appear for jury duty when summoned could result in contempt of court and possible criminal prosecution pursuant to Wis. Stats. §756.30.




A juror's term of service shall be for a period of one month and shall not exceed 5 days of actual court attendance except when necessary to complete a trial in a particular case. The majority of trials last an average of 2 or 3 days. A “day of service” is a day for which you appeared and were available to serve on a jury panel.


If you are selected for a jury panel, you serve until that case is completed. If selected, you will have an opportunity to make a call to your employer/family. Evening work is avoided whenever possible. However, if a jury is deliberating, your service may be extended into the evening hours.


If you are not selected to serve that day, you are usually excused within a few hours.


Jurors are required to be available for service only once in any four year period.




Unless you have a very serious conflict, you will be expected to serve as a juror. The court may excuse a person from jury service if the court determines that the person cannot fulfill the responsibilities of a juror. The court may also defer jury service to a later date if the court determines there is undue hardship.


Please notify the court if you are requesting deferral due to important personal or business commitments, vacation, etc.

·   Employment Reasons:  If you are requesting to be excused for employment reasons, a letter from the employer must accompany the request to be excused.


·   Medical Condition: If you have a medical condition that would prevent service as a juror, a medical excuse from your physician is required.


·   Vacation: If you are unable to serve specific dates because of vacation plans, submit the request in writing listing the dates you are unavailable.

Requests to be excused or to have your service deferred must be made within 10 days from receipt of your jury questionnaire or summons to appear.

You may send a written request to be excused via regular mail, e-mail, or fax (see jury contact information). A response to your request to be excused will be sent.


If you move out of Washington County or if you have a name or address change, please notify the jury clerk at the address below. Please include your juror ID # whenever corresponding with the court.



Serving as a juror is one of the highest duties in our democratic system of government and, therefore, you should dress appropriately for the occasion. Do not wear tank tops, cut-off shorts, halter tops or beach shoes/flip-flops or similar clothing.



If you are chosen to serve on a jury, the judge may release you for lunch on your own. It is important to return to the courthouse by the time specified by the judge. During deliberation or on special order of the judge, the county may provide meals.


You may bring technical equipment such as MP3 players, Ipods, laptops, blackberries, cell phones and pagers to court. However, this equipment can only be used outside of the courtroom and it will be collected by the bailiff prior to deliberation.

Please be aware that you will be going through a security checkpoint before entering the Justice Center which includes X-ray and metal detection equipment. Items such as knitting needles, crochet hooks, scissors, and pocket knives will not be allowed.

Food and liquids are not allowed through security. If you need these items for medical reasons during jury service, you must contact the Jury Clerk so that our office can provide you with a letter to present to courthouse security upon your arrival for jury duty. This letter will allow an exception to be made for your provisions.

Everyone is encouraged to bring reading materials as there will be breaks throughout the day.



If you are called to report for jury duty and we are experiencing bad weather, please listen to one of the following radio stations after 7:00 a.m. the morning of the trial for information of possible cancellations:
                     WBKV/WBWI            1740 AM or 92.5 FM
                     WTMJ                        620 AM
                     WTKM                       1540 AM or 104.9 FM



The courthouse is located at 432 E. Washington Street, West Bend. Please access the courthouse by entering the Justice Center entrance. Parking is available in the Justice Center parking lot east of Schmidt Road, with access from Schmit Rd., Rolfs Ave. or Hwy 33. Walk across Schmidt Road to the Justice Center entrance and report to the Jury Assembly room.  Handicapped and limited parking is available by turning north onto Schmidt Road, then turning left to the limited space parking lot adjacent to the Justice Center.



You will be paid $25.00 for each full day and $12.50 for each half day that you appear for jury duty. You will also be reimbursed $.510/mile roundtrip mileage from your home to the courthouse and $5.00 for each meal you had on your own while serving on a specific trial.


A check for your fees and mileage will be sent approximately one month after your term of service is complete.



Failure to appear for jury duty when summoned could result in contempt of court and possible criminal prosecution pursuant to Wis. Stats. §756.30.


To request an excusal or postponement of service you may do so by visiting the Wisconsin Court System Juror Postponement Request website at https://juryrequest.wicourts.gov.  You will need to reference your Juror ID number; please have it accessible.

Jury Clerk:  (262) 335-4728

E-mail:         jury.clerk@wicourts.gov

Fax:            (262) 335-4776

Mail:            Washington County Clerk of Courts

                    Attn: Jury Department

                    PO Box 1986

                    West Bend, WI 53095-7986