Land Use Permit Applications

Activities requiring permits from the Washington County Planning and Parks Department fall under two main categories:

• Sanitary Permits
• Shoreland/floodplain Zoning Permits

Activities relating to the installation or repair of Privately Owned Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS) requires the owner of the property to obtain a Washington County Sanitary Permit. A Master Plumber or Master Plumber-Restricted Sewer is the responsible party for obtaining the permit, and the installation and/or repair. A sanitary permit is obtained after submitting a completed application, along with a plot plan, a site evaluation and a system design. For certain POWTS, state approval is needed before applying for the county sanitary permit.

A Washington County Land Use Inspector will ensure that the POWTS is installed in compliance with state codes through a series of inspections.

The Shoreland/Floodplain zoning jurisdictional boundary is all lands within 300' of a navigable stream, 1000' from navigable lakes and ponds, and all lands within the 100-year flood plain. Activities requiring permits from the Washington County Planning and Parks Department include erecting buildings, digging ponds, grading, roads, erosion control structures, etc.

The owner of the property will obtain the permit after filling out an application, along with supplying plot plans and diagrams of the project. Some projects will require only basic drawings, while others may require detailed building and grading plans. In floodplains, structures must meet stringent FEMA requirements. Larger projects often require the application to be reviewed at a hearing before the County Planning, Conservation and Parks Committee.

For a Summary of Application Requirements, please click on the link below:

Following issuance of a shoreland/floodplain permit, but before the project is started, a Land Use Inspector will visit the site to confirm the adequacy of erosion control and other site considerations. Periodic inspections will occur throughout the phases of the project to ensure compliance with the permit.

Click on one of the links below to fill in a form online and print one of our permit applications. It should be noted that any of the forms filled out online need to be printed, signed, and brought to the Planning and Parks Department office for processing.

The following PDF files require Adobe Reader. Click on the Adobe icon to download a free copy.
*Administrative & Conditional Use Permit Application Form  
*Shoreland Zoning Permit Application Form  
*Rezoning Permit Application Form  
  Sanitary Variance Application Form  
  Board of Adjustment / Variance Application Form  
*Application Form for Minor Repairs  

Note:  Forms shown with * in front of them should be printed on 8 1/2" X 14" paper in order to print all necessary information.

Subdivision Review Forms

Subdivision Review Items Needed for Objecting Authority Subdivisions
*Subdivision Review Items Needed for Approving Authority Subdivisions