Farmland and Open Space Preservation Tools Report

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Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II Urban Growth, Agriculture Analysis and Open Space Inventory
Chapter III Takings Law
Chapter IV Farmland and Open Space Preservation Tools
Chapter V Community Opinion Surveys
Chapter VI Funding Strategies and Sources
Chapter VII Implementing Preservation Tools
Chapter VIII Summary



Town of Kewaskum - EA Agricultural Preservation District
Town of Caledonia - Conservation Subdivision Ordinance
C City of Davis, California - Agricultural Land Mitigation Requirements
D City of Brentwood, California - Agricultural Enterprise Program
E Town of Kewaskum - Lowland Conservancy Overlay District
F Sliding-Scale Zoning Example, Montgomery County
G Agricultural / Rural Residential District
H Town of Dunn - Grant of Conservation Easement and Development Rights
I Town of Dunn - Rural Preservation Program
J PDR Program Examples
K Fulton County, Georgia - Transfer of Development Rights Program
L Town of Richfield - Community Opinion Survey
M Wisconsin State Statutes
N Portland, Oregon UGB - Example of Urban Growth Boundary
O Measure 37
UW Extension - Public Participation Methods
Q Resources

Farmland and Open Space Preservation Study (FOSP)

On July 28, 2004, the Washington County Planning, Conservation and Parks Committee requested the Washington County Planning and Parks Department to study various means of preserving farmland and open space in Washington County. In response to the request, a study group, the Farmland and Open Space Study Group was formed. The group is composed of farmers, conservationists, developers, realtors, and local municipal representatives.
The goal is to research and analyze different tools, techniques and funding sources that can be used in Washington County for farmland and open space preservation. The Farmland and Open Space Preservation Study provides detailed information about the tools and techniques that can be used to preserve farmland and open space, their related costs, and potential funding sources. This report does not make recommendations about which tools and techniques should be applied to preserve farmland and open space in Washington County.

Farmland and Open Space Preservation Study Group Members

Daniel Stoffel, Chairperson - Washington County Board Supervisor
Ellen Goeller, Vice Chairperson - Agribusiness Cluster Council
Mike Becker - Farm Bureau
Jim Bennett - Town of Hartford
Ross Bishop - Agribusiness Cluster Council
Angie Curtes - Ozaukee/Washington Land Trust
Ann Enright - County Realtors Association
Therese Gripentrog - Department of Natural Resources
Matt Heiser - Village of Kewaskum
Leander Herriges - Town of Wayne
Mary Krumbiegel - Washington County Board Supervisor
Scott Mathie - Metropolitan Builders Association
Sue Millin - Land Conservation Partnership
Bill Ohm - MS Professional Services, Inc.
Joe Peters - Town of Barton
Bruce Sadowski - Pike Lake Sportsman Club

Support Staff

Debora Sielski - Washington County Planning & Parks Dept. Asst. Administrator for Planning
Blaine Delzer - Washington County Planning & Parks Dept. County Conservationist
Mark Baran - USDA, Natural Resource Conservation Service
Alan Linnebur - Washington County UW-Extension Farm Business Educator
Kevin Struck - Washington County UW-Extension Growth Management Educator

Farmland & Open Space Preservation Tools Report (see link below)
Farmland & Open Space Preservation Tools Summary Booklet

For more information about this report, please contact the
Washington County Planning & Parks Department:
Planning Division at 262-335-4445.