Park and Open Space Planning - 2035

January 2020 Draft Park and Open Space Plan

Public Outreach Summary Documents

The Washington County Planning and Parks Department has begun the planning process for updating the Washington County Park and Open Space Plan. A seven member advisory commission, guiding the progress of the plan update, consists of representatives of local governments, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the Metropolitan Builders Assn.

Washington County Park and Open Space Plan Technical Advisory Commission (POSPTAC) Members

Mathew Heiser - Chair Village Administrator, Village of Kewaskum
Don Kreifall County Board Chairperson
Mike Hermann City of Hartford Park & Recreation Director
Kelly Valentino - Vice Chair Village of Jackson
Bill Zach Metropolitan Builders Assoc.
Robert Wessberg - DNR Pike Lake State Forest, Forest Supt.
Cindy Leinss City of West Bend

The updated plan will identify long-term needs for park and open space acquisition and development and proposes recommendations to satisfy those needs extending to the year 2035. The current 2020 plan was adopted by the Washington County Board of Supervisors on March 9, 2004. The 2035 plan will also allow the County to remain eligible to apply for State and Federal park grants.

Public Outreach Summary Documents 

The acquisition and development of parks and recreational facilities in Washington County provide a variety of private and public benefits to all residents. The cost of park acquisition and development is an investment in the future well being of individuals and contributes to the viability of communities in Washington County. Park and Open Space sites have a number of important individual, community, environmental and economic benefits.


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For more information regarding this plan, please contact Debora M. Sielski,
Deputy Administrator, Washington County Planning and Parks Department