Road Construction & Projects

County road construction is prioritized on the basis of need, and roads are built with federal aid if possible with contracts let to the lowest bidder. See the lists below for 2016 County and State road construction projects in Washington County.

Washington County Highway Construction 6-Year Program (TABLE)

Washington County Highway Construction 6-Year Program (MAP)

2016 Washington County Highway Department Projects

     Hartford Reliever Route

     The following are informational documents regarding the Hartford Reliever Route.

     STH 60 Northern Reliever Route Feasibility Study - SEWRPC Presentation

     Alternative Reliever Routes Evaluated - STH 60 Reliever Route Feasibility Study

     Evaluation of Alternative STH 60 Reliever Routes (Revised to include Alt 11)

     STH 60 Northern Reliever Route Recommended for Further Study

     STH 60 Reliever Route SEWRPC Presentation (9/28/16)

     For more information, please visit the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning
     Commission's website. (click here)

WisDOT Construction Projects In Washington County

     For updates and information regarding WisDOT construction projects in
     Washington County and southeastern Wisconsin, please visit: or call 511.