Bike & Pedestrian Plan for Washington County

Biking on the Eisenbahn Trail is a favorite activity on a sunny day

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation announced the award of the 2016-2020 Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) to the Washington County Planning and Parks Department for the development of a Bike & Pedestrian Plan for Washington County. The Plan is being developed in an effort to increase opportunities for non-motorized vehicle transportation. The Plan will make recommendations to develop a countywide network of trails and routes as alternate modes of transportation that can be integrated into a user's daily routine. The Plan will focus on creating trails and routes that provide accessibility to essential services, such as schools, commercial centers and major employment centers as well as creating a trail network that provides varied recreational opportunities that are enjoyable for all residents.

The Plan will promote recommendations for policies, programs and ordinances that will support development of a safe and accessible network of trails which encourage active lifestyles in a way that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable for all users which considering connections between existing trails throughout the County and in adjoining counties. By providing connections to existing trails, Washington County residents will have access to a greater variety of opportunities and destinations.

The development of the Plan will commence in the fall of 2017. For more information please contact Debora Sielski at 262-335-4445.