2018 Update: Multi-Jurisdictional Comp Plan for Washington County:2050

Section 66.1001(2)(i) of the State's comprehensive planning law requires that comprehensive plans be updated no less than once every 10 years. Plan updates are considered plan amendments. Washington County entered into a contract with SEWRPC in mid-2016 to update the Multi-Jurisdictional Plan adopted by the County Board in 2008, which serves as the County's Comprehensive Plan.

Public Participation Opportunities

Public Participation Plan for Amending the County Comprehensive Plan

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All meetings of the Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee will be held from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in Room 3224 of the Public Agency Center, West Bend.

Meeting dates include:

March 23, 2017
Meeting Agenda March 23, 2017
Meeting Minutes March 23, 2017
Handouts Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 1 - Appendix A
Chapter 2 - Appendix B
Chapter 2 - Appendix C
Chapter 2 - Existing Plans & Ordinances
Chapter 2 - Maps & Figures
Chapter 2 - Tables
Comprehensive Planning Summary
Comprehensive Plan Update Status and Schedule

May 25, 2017
Meeting Agenda May 25, 2017
Meeting Minutes May 25, 2017
Handouts Chapter 3 - Maps
Chapter 3 - Figures
Chapter 3 - Tables
Chapter 3 - Text
Chapter 6 - Maps
Chapter 6 - Figure
Chapter 6 - Tables
Chapter 6 - Text

August 24, 2017
Meeting Agenda August 24, 2017
Meeting Minutes August 24, 2017

October 19, 2017
Meeting Agenda October 19, 2017
Meeting Minutes October 19, 2017

December 14, 2017
Meeting Agenda December 14, 2017
Meeting Minutes December 14, 2017

February 22, 2018
Meeting Agenda February 22, 2018
Meeting Minutes February 22, 2018

March 22, 2018
Meeting Agenda March 22, 2018
Meeting Minutes March 22, 2018

A Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee was established by the Public Works Committee to guide preparation of this plan update. The Advisory Committee is comprised of one representative from each local government partner, two members of the County Board, interest group representatives, and one citizen member.

Robert Bingen Town of Addison Chairperson
Steve Wendelborn Town of Barton
Tammy Kennedy Town of Erin
Duane Wollner Town of Farmington Supervisor
Paul Metz Town of Germantown Chairperson
Maurice Strupp Town of Hartford Chairperson
Sandy Pasbrig Town of Kewaskum Plan Commission Member
Albert Schulteis Town of Polk Chairperson
Dennis Kay Town of Trenton
Mike Saman Town of Wayne Supervisor
Matt Heiser Village of Kewaskum Administrator
Paul Huettl Town of Jackson Supervisor
Mike Heili Village of Newburg
Julie Gabelmann Washington County Econ. Dev. Corp.
Donald Kriefall County Board Supervisor
Mike Parsons County Board Supervisor
Justin P. Webb Citizen Member
Peter Muth Farm Bureau
John Capelle Ozaukee-Washington Land Trust
Dave Johnson Non-Metallic Mining Representative
Robert Wessberg Department of Natural Resources
Roger Walsh Big Cedar Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
Katrina Hanson Real Estate Community Member
John Walther Village of Jackson Administrator